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"Hey, Baby, What’s Your Class?" Contest

by Ozma

TERA Pickup Line Contest

To celebrate the first Valentine’s Day in TERA: Rising, we’re hosting an open-mic contest for role-players to strut their stuff and speak their honeyed words to woo and wow us.

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For Lunar Sky, TERA is Fun With Friends

by Ozma

TERA Guild Spotlight Interview Lunar Sky

Friendship holds many a guild together—and for the Lunar Sky guild on Tempest Reach, it’s the key to their PvE, PvP, and community aspirations. Read how they connect through TERA in our latest guild spotlight.

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We're Adding Game Time to Your Account!

by Ozma

TERA game time

Hey Everyone,

Some players experienced issues getting into the game over the weekend. The good news is that those issues have now been addressed and everyone can once again access TERA.

We’d like to make it right, though…

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