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Give a /greet to our RP Server

by Knoxxer

Prepare Thyself: Roleplay Server Announced!

If you've visited our forums lately, you were bound to see a thread requesting roleplay support. We've been listening to the roleplay community and are excited to announce that we will be providing a PvE roleplay server named "Celestial Hills" for early character creation and open beta.

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Enhance Your Game with Enhancement Crystals

by Scapes

Customization in TERA comes in many shapes—crystal shapes, to be specific. Enhancement crystals play a key role in customizing your character from the very beginning. All weapons and armor in TERA contain between two and four crystal sockets to...

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Make Your Mark with Glyphs

by Scapes

Customization in TERA comes in many forms. At level 20, players in TERA can customize their skills with glyphs. Every glyph increases a skill’s effect; glyphs of Influence and Brilliance help skills cost less MP; glyphs of Energy and Persistence...

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Introducing Chronoscrolls

by Patrick

Have you ever gotten frustrated by gold farmers hawking their wares and spamming game chat? Had to listen to a guildmate’s story of woe about a hacked account and stolen identity? Or submitted a petition and been told that you’ll have to wait...

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