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Ramping Up for a Fall to Remember

TERA PD Letter Fall 2012

The weeks since the Argon Queen update have been especially jam-packed: everything from Bluehole Studio visits and weeklong meetings to in-game content plans, events, and more. In time-honored producer tradition, I always allude to these busy plans but never reveal what we’re working on. Let me go against that tradition this time and just tell you what we’re working on.

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Fall Producer Letter

TERA Server Merge

Fall is a season of changes, and the world of TERA is going to be busy for the next few months. First on the list of change is our server status.

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Closed Beta Test 2 Recap

Closed Beta Test 2 Recap

As we gear up for Closed Beta Test 3 coming this Friday, we want to look back at the previous event and see what went well, what could use some tweaking, and what you as players enjoyed.

In Closed Beta Test 2, the biggest new addition was probably our player-versus-player introduction. We opened two new PvP servers with an open-world PvP design (short of safety zones in cities). This combined with a guild-versus-guild declaration system made for an interesting weekend! To sum it up, the PvP players REALLY like killing each other. Across our two PvP servers, players racked up over 50,000 kills and over 150,000 PvP battles. We've also seen the formation of roughly 2,000 guilds, and the result was a ton of GvG battles.

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Happy New Year from En Masse Entertainment

by Knoxxer

If 2010 was the year we debuted TERA, then 2011 was the year we refined, polished, and perfected TERA to live up to the expectations we set.

The year went quickly as development milestones flew by and we moved from goal to goal. We opened 2011...

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Producer Letter: Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays, TERA Fans!

As I write this, I'm using our new launcher to log in and patch up to a fully-localized version of the TERA Evolution patch. I created an account, entered game codes and login authorization, patched, and launched TERA....

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It's October, What's Up With That?

Hello TERA-ites! Or is it TERAns? I can never remember.

It's been several weeks since my last update (longer than I initially planned), but the good news is we have updates on several projects.

Our web team has been hard at work redesigning the...

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