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Meet the TERA Team: Game Testers

by Sjmagner

This is Scott James Magner, and the powers that be have asked me to tell you about myself and my team. I've been in the hobby gaming industry for some time, but odds are you've never heard of me. Or if you have, only in passing.

The reason isn't...

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A Day in the Life

by Scapes

I think the common perception of QA at a video game company is that we sit here and play games all day long. Well, I'm not going to waste your time and tell you anything otherwise.

Best. Job. Ever.

But I'd be lying if I told you that our jobs...

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The Cure for the Common Game Company

by Scapes

I've had the good fortune to work at a couple of amazing game companies during my career. And while I might not have agreed with every company policy or decision, I did really enjoy the people I worked with. When it came to what made my...

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The Team That Plays Together Stays Together

by Scapes

When you manage a team of nine or so writers, it's easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day tasks and forget to make time for team building. But for a group of creative people collaborating intensely, trust is key to happiness and productivity....

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One Year and Counting...

by Scapes

En Masse was established about a year ago, and this being the first anniversary of the company's founding, I had the notion to write a bit about our progress.

To take you back to the beginning, we started off in a temp office in the South Lake...

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From The Desk of Brian Knox: How We Release TERA Info

by Scapes


I'd like to take the opportunity to talk a bit about the upcoming months for us here at En Masse. You may have noticed some interesting information coming out of NHN (TERA's publisher in Korea).  We think it is important that the...

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Returning from a Visit to Bluehole Studio

by Scapes

Ahoy ahoy,

How's it going TERA community? I just got back from a week-long trip to Korea, where key members of our Ops team (COO Pat Wyatt, Director of CS Adam Stayer, and me, Sam Kim—our resident Guy in the Corner) met with Bluehole developers...

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