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TERA Tips and Tricks: Alts

by Ozma

TERA Tips and Tricks

TERA offers players a wide array of character class and race combinations. Exploring those combinations is part of the fun of playing an MMO. Alternate characters, or “alts” for short, are characters you create in addition to your main character. Sometimes you just want to try something new. Other times, alts fulfill a specific purpose.

The first installment of TERA Tips and Tricks is your one-stop shop for how and why to play an alt in TERA .

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Val Aureum Game Guide Is Up

by Ozma

TERA Val Aureum

Val Aureum burns under the southern sky. The gods’ war with the ancient giants devastated this province and buried its secrets in the sand. Desert kulkaris swarm the dunes, and beasts like orisks, basilisks, and demons live in the deep canyons. Treasure hunters and archaeologists flock to Val Aureum for its ruins while outlaws come for its remoteness. Cultists of Lok seem interested in both.

Learn how to prosper on the burning sands from our full Val Aureum game guide.

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Raiders of the Lost Eggs

by Ozma

TERA Community Event Raiders of the Lost Eggs

A band of caiman thieves stole magical eggs filled with treasures. Now’s your chance to hunt the thieves and claim the loot for yourself!

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Poporia Game Guide Is Up!

by Ozma

TERA Poporia Game Guide

Arguably the most beautiful place in the world of TERA, Poporia is home to the feisty elins and the mischievous poporis. Luminous trees, a tranquil lake, and midnight beauty attest to the Popori Kingdom’s dedication to preserving nature. However, bloodthirsty vampirs, a school devoted to witchery, and royal infighting seem intent on making life in Poporia anything but tranquil or beautiful.

Find out details about this moonlit province in our full Poporia game guide.

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Advanced Guild Management

by Ozma

TERA Advanced Guild Management

Group play and social interaction is a big part of any MMORPG experience, and that’s certainly true for TERA. Guilds form the core social group, giving players a support structure, a built-in group of allies, and a sense of identity. Managing a guild, however, isn’t all LOLs and chocolate cream pie—it takes work, communication, and a healthy dose of patience to balance different personalities and goals and align them toward a common purpose.

Whether you’re a guild master, officer, or your basic red shirt, this article can help make your guild experience happier and drama-free.

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Updates to TERA’s Political System

by Ozma

Updates to TERA's Political System

TERA’s political system is one of the features we’re most excited about, and it’s a part of the game we’ve spent a lot of time refining. With our second round of vanarch candidates stepping up to serve their servers, we thought we’d take some time to talk about some upcoming changes to this already popular aspect of gameplay.

As originally conceived, a player seeking vanarch status had two paths to the office—campaigning and conquest—with the latter requiring candidates and their guilds to distinguish themselves through battleground play. While revisions to the battlegrounds aren’t quite ready, we are happy to announce that we’ve found a way to put the fight back in political infighting!

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Game Guide: Remodeling and Dyeing Equipment

by Ozma

TERA Gear Remodeling

You’re proud of your characters. You want them to stand out in a crowd, and you want that top-notch weapon to stand out, too. With just a little time (or a little gold), you can change your equipment’s appearance at a remodeler or change the color of your armor with dyes.

All major cities have appearance remodelers and dye merchants, and you can make your own dyes from materials you gather. Anybody can use dyes and remodelers, and if you want a quick start on a stylish new appearance, read our full guide to remodeling and dyeing.

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