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by Scapes

I reached Velika for the first time with my lovely castanic slayer. But by that point, my inventory was filled to the brim. It’s a bit embarrassing to admit, but the fact that there are no trash items in TERA is both a curse and a blessing to me....

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Discovering TERA-tories by Foot, Hoof, and Flight

by Scapes

MMOs are known for their giant worlds and TERA is no exception.

I often spend time wandering around to discover new areas and occasionally poking around where I shouldn't. Sometimes my discoveries end in death, but that doesn’t deter my...

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Birth of a Quest

by Scapes

Okay, kids, it's time we told you the truth. You see, when a mommy quest and a daddy quest love each other very much...

...wait, hold on. I think I'm confusing this with something else.

Although, we here in the EME writing room do love each...

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Action = Skill = Fun

by Scapes

TERA will forever change your MMO expectations. Sure, by now you have heard about the action combat, but until you play it—I mean actually get your hands on the keyboard (or controller) and start exploring the worldyou don't know what you...

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