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Community Play Event Recap

by Scapes

We love events here. What better way to share a slice of what we’ve been working on with our fans? The recent Community Play Event was no exception, and we were very excited to not only show you what we’ve been up to, but play along with you, too!...

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Community Play Event by the Numbers

by Scapes

Hi TERA fans!

My name is Jon Tuite, but some of you might remember me from the Community Play Event as Toot, the castanic slayer. I am the business intelligence analyst here at En Masse and it is my job to collect data about how people play TERA,...

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Community Play Event: Ramping Up

by Scapes

With our Community Play Event just around the corner, we wanted to take a quick break from our prep work to give you all a look into the whys and hows of what we're doing.

Our primary goal with the Community Play Event is to reward the community...

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