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Province Cheat Sheets for Vanarchs

by Pwnyx

Map of Southern Arun

In a world as vast as TERA, secrets, surprises, and stories lurk where you least expect them. No matter how meteoric your rise to power might be, there will always be that something you miss. Fear not—we've got you covered.

The latest addition to our game guide delves into the world itself, starting with the continents and drilling down into the provinces. These guides will provide context and lore for each region, prime you on quests to tackle as you travel, and show you which BAMs to watch out for.

Potential vanarchs will find this information useful for choosing which province they want to rule!

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Stats, Facts, & the Art of Games: A Writer's Journey

by Scott

A Writer's Journey

Learn about what's involved in writing a dungeon walkthrough! En Masse Entertainment's Game Analyst Scott James Magner discusses crafting strategy guides for TERA's instances and game features. Waiting for our third closed beta test to start this Friday? Be sure to check out our new Sinestral Manor article, too!

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Walk Through Our Walkthroughs

by Knoxxer

Bastion Walkthrough Map

Hail! After emerging from your 60-hour TERA bender, you may have noticed that we added two new sections to the website: the Veteran's Guide and Dungeon Guide. I wanted to give these new sections some love in our blog because they are important features that will help you get into the action quickly—or get you out of a tight spot.

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