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Nexus Invasions Have Begun--Video Released!

by Pwnyx

TERA Nexus

Anxious to get into a real fight? Looking for a challenge to occupy your whole guild? Then you might be ready to face the nexus.

A nexus is a tear in the fabric of the Dream where strange, potent monsters invade the world. Players near a nexus automatically receive a quest to stop the incursions. Emerge from a nexus victorious, and you’ll earn significant rewards and reputation with the Agnitor faction.

Nexuses aren’t fights for keeners. Players need to coordinate and work together like never before to survive three increasingly difficult phases.

Want a little taste of the action? Check out the nexus video!

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TERA Launch Trailer Released

by Scapes

TERA Launch Trailer Released

Thought our countdown to May 1 video was our launch trailer? Nope! This right here is TERA's launch trailer.

Looking for the perfect video to show your friends and guildmates what awaits them in TERA? Look no further!

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Welcome to Launch!

by Scapes

Welcome to Launch!

Ladies and gentlemen, it's official: May 1 has arrived and TERA has launched! We here at En Masse Entertainment are very proud to present the world's first massively multiplayer online game with true action combat. The world of TERA is yours to explore and to conquer, to defend and to rule. It starts right now.

Just starting out in TERA? Visit our Game Guide for an overview of TERA's game features and mechanics as well as dungeon walkthroughs. If you're looking for quick answers, hit up our Frequently Asked Questions or ask your own question to fellow players on TERA Answers. Once you're all caught up, read about TERA's new launch features. This is only the beginning!

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