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Prepare to Face the Argon Queen

by Ozma

TERA Argon Queen

You battled across the vast domain of the Valkyon Federation and foiled a conspiracy aimed at its heart. You defeated numerous gods in battle. You stopped Kelsaik from destroying the Dream. You fought the implacable argons in Northern Shara.

Now you must face Shandra Manaya, the argon queen. Ready your weapons.

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New: Saleron's Sky Garden Dungeon Guide

by Ozma

TERA Saleron's Sky Garden

Ever wanted to walk in the gardens of a god? Be careful what you ask for. Saleron built the Sky Garden for relaxation, but if you let your guard down, you’re fertilizer.

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New Dungeon Guides Available!

by Ozma

Patch 17.29.03

TERA's rich and complex storylines often lead you into the most dangerous places imaginable on both continents. The biggest, baddest BAMs guard TERA's deepest, darkest secrets down inside instanced dungeons. These fortresses house demented vampirs, mass murderers, and evil gods—are you ready to face them? Will you do it alone?

Our comprehensive guides to TERA's instanced dungeons will prepare you for the worst so you can be at your best. We provide helpful tips, like what you should do when Baracos enrages in the Golden Labyrinth, which trash mobs to avoid while traipsing through Sigil Adstringo, or where the story quests begin that lead you to the Bastion of Lok.

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En Masse Reveals Sneak Peek at TERA's Future Content

by Pwnyx

TERA tanks

With TERA's first month in the rearview mirror, we're excited to turn our attention to future content you'll see later this summer. An MMO launch is just the beginning—we're listening to your feedback and incorporating it into our plans for the game.

Many of you have shared your thoughts on TERA's two tank classes, the warrior and lancer. If you play either class, you'll appreciate having more flexibility on both offense and defense, so we're changing defensive skills to consume a new resource instead of MP. (And before you ask, yes—you'll be able to restore that third bar on the top of your screen quickly.) Warriors will gain three new skills, including the ability to block an attack with their twin swords. Lancers will get two new skills, including a skill that should significantly improve lancer mobility.

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Dungeon Guide: Cultists' Refuge

by Scapes

Cultists Refuge 101 Th

We have published the dungeon guide for TERA's third instanced dungeon, the Cultists' Refuge! The Scions of Lok have concentrated their forces in a remote desert temple, where they plan to resurrect fallen allies and unleash a terrible power on the Valkyon Federation.

This dungeon is meant for three to five characters, levels 35-40, including at least one tank, one damage dealer, and one healer. You'll face three tough bosses in this dungeon, and an optional fourth.

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