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Double Dungeon Drop Weekend!

by Ozma

TERA Double Dungeon Drop Weekend Dec 2012

Here’s what we asked for: juggernauts, dracoloths, arachnens, and hydrath demons wearing silly hats, dressing up in holiday garb, and sporting “Kick Me” signs on their backs. But the mobs refused (something about the indignity of it all, how dare you ask us that, and so on). We compromised on this: Double Dungeon Drop Weekend. Dungeon bosses get to wear their regular outfits, but they have to give you double the loot!

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The Argon Queen Is Here

by Ozma

TERA The Argon Queen

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived—the Argon Queen update is here—and with it, the argon queen herself, Shandra Manaya. In her lair, Manaya’s Core, she eagerly awaits the bravest, most seasoned Valkyon soldiers.

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