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Earlier Head Start and Upcoming Maintenance

by Scapes

Earlier Head Start and Upcoming Maintenance

Launch is coming up and quickly! We're putting the final touches on the game and our service, and we can't wait to go live.

That said, we do have scheduled maintenance to perform that will transition TERA into a launch-ready state. All TERA-related websites (including the forums) will be unavailable during the maintenance window of 12:00 AM to 10:00 AM Pacific on April 30.

Although we chose the maintenance window to accommodate the majority of users (and their sleep cycles), as gamers ourselves we understand that time just crawls by when you're waiting to play a game. The good news is that you're getting in sooner than you anticipated—our way of thanking you for your patience. TERA's pre-order exclusive Head Start event will begin at 8:00 AM Pacific on April 28, four hours earlier than originally announced. Additionally, after the maintenance window, the level cap will be increased to 60 allowing Head Start players to freely explore TERA!

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