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Combat Indicators: Reading the Signs

by Ozma

TERA Combat Indicator

TERA works hard to keep information in the middle of the screen where the action is. Even so, it takes a bit of experience to decipher what those little images mean. The angry red face isn’t difficult to decipher, but what’s with the radio antenna? And why does the lancer have an icon with an ellipsis? What’s that all about?

To save you some squinting and guessing, we put together this guide to combat indicators. Check it out, learn what each icon means, and you’ll understand what the game’s telling you in no time.

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Introducing TERA’s Guide to Cross-Level Play!

by Ozma

TERA Lowbies

A big part of what makes TERA fun is battling alongside (and sometimes against!) your friends. When new players join the game, veterans might wonder just how much they can do together until their friends catch up in level. There are limitations to consider, but which method is right for you? For them? What about other ways to support your friends? Do you just give them a pile of gold or a mountain of dawnhide? Our new guide on cross-level play is here to answer your questions! Check it out!

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Inventory Guide Now Available

by Ozma

TERA Inventory

Nothing fills up a pack faster than slaughtering BAMs and blasting through instances. Anyone who’s ever had to forego that great weapon because of a loaded-down pack knows the value of inventory management. Keeping track of your treasure, crafting materials, spares, and consumables can challenge anyone.

To make your life easier, we’ve got a new guide to help you make the most of your space and leverage what goes in and out of your bank.

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New Dungeon Guides Available!

by Ozma

Patch 17.29.03

TERA's rich and complex storylines often lead you into the most dangerous places imaginable on both continents. The biggest, baddest BAMs guard TERA's deepest, darkest secrets down inside instanced dungeons. These fortresses house demented vampirs, mass murderers, and evil gods—are you ready to face them? Will you do it alone?

Our comprehensive guides to TERA's instanced dungeons will prepare you for the worst so you can be at your best. We provide helpful tips, like what you should do when Baracos enrages in the Golden Labyrinth, which trash mobs to avoid while traipsing through Sigil Adstringo, or where the story quests begin that lead you to the Bastion of Lok.

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Nexus Invasions Have Begun--Video Released!

by Pwnyx

TERA Nexus

Anxious to get into a real fight? Looking for a challenge to occupy your whole guild? Then you might be ready to face the nexus.

A nexus is a tear in the fabric of the Dream where strange, potent monsters invade the world. Players near a nexus automatically receive a quest to stop the incursions. Emerge from a nexus victorious, and you’ll earn significant rewards and reputation with the Agnitor faction.

Nexuses aren’t fights for keeners. Players need to coordinate and work together like never before to survive three increasingly difficult phases.

Want a little taste of the action? Check out the nexus video!

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Game Guide: The Brokerage

by Pwnyx

Brokerage Thumb

Overloaded with dawnhide? Have more Arunic panaceas than you could ever use? Desperate to pick up some superior-quality armor? Rather than selling them to the nearest vendor for mere coppers on the gold or wasting time praying someone in the trade channel is selling what you need, let your fingers do the walking through the Brokerage by speaking to your local trade broker!

Trade brokers are located in all cities, and are accessible in towns by decree of the reigning vanarch, making the Brokerage a convenient way to fill your packs and fatten your purse. You don’t have to be a master accountant or filthy rich to benefit from using the Brokerage, but if you have questions, we’ve written a handy little guide to help you get the most out of your investments. Check it out!

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Province Cheat Sheets for Vanarchs

by Pwnyx

Map of Southern Arun

In a world as vast as TERA, secrets, surprises, and stories lurk where you least expect them. No matter how meteoric your rise to power might be, there will always be that something you miss. Fear not—we've got you covered.

The latest addition to our game guide delves into the world itself, starting with the continents and drilling down into the provinces. These guides will provide context and lore for each region, prime you on quests to tackle as you travel, and show you which BAMs to watch out for.

Potential vanarchs will find this information useful for choosing which province they want to rule!

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Political System Guide

by Pwnyx

Political System Guide

After level 50, a new kind of prestige opens up for TERA players: the honor of becoming a vanarch and running a province on behalf of the Valkyon Federation. But, even though you have to be level 50 to run for the vanarchy, the TERA political system impacts every player on a server.

To learn about how to get involved in the Vanarch Elections and what you'll get out of this exciting game feature, check out our guide on the Political System!

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