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Interview with TERA Today

by Ozma

TERA Fansite Interview w/ TERA Today

With the launch of TERA: Rising, we want to highlight outstanding members of our growing community. Whether a series of guides, a class-specific site, or repositories of lore or stories, we look to you, the players, for examples of creative contributions to TERA online.

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Fansite Interview: Tera Templates

by Ozma

TERA Fansite Interview

We like to highlight the hard work and passion of our fans. Never fails to thrill us. Check out Tera Templates, created by Kestrel. We pulled up some virtual chairs, and asked Kestrel some questions about running a TERA fansite.

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Vanarch Elections: Creative Campaigning and Stats That Rule

by Ozma

TERA Vanarch Elections

TERA’s political system is in full swing, and players are hard at work securing their chance to rule! Across the server forums, players rally for support, making a plethora of plans and promises. These campaigns extend beyond the game world—into Facebook pages, tweets, and the occasional full-page ad on sites such as TERA Tome. It’s terrific to see so many players participating.

We’ve also created a new web resource for TERA’s in-game political data: the TERA Vanarch Elections page. Track your vanarch’s poll numbers. Check up on your competition. Read vanarch platform statements and campaign info. Compare the candidates’ vote counts and praise tallies. See how your server stacks up against others.

Find some time to learn who’s campaigning on your servers, and take advantage of one of TERA’s most unique features. Who knows? The next vanarch we celebrate might be you!

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Search Database "TERA Tome" is Live!

by Pwnyx

TERA Tome Logo

Our friends over at ZAM Network have been hard at work. Just last night, ZAM released the beta version of TERA Tome, a searchable database for all things TERA! ZAM has been working with our TERA team to organize all the game data we can throw at them, and are providing it to players in the easy-to-use interface you've come to expect from their database sites.

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