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TERA E-books: MMO Action on the Go

by Ozma

TERA E-books

TERA e-books let you put your favorite game world inside your favorite Kindle. Written by professional fantasy authors, these short stories let you experience the action of TERA even when you aren’t playing the game. Best of all, they’re only 99 cents on the store.

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TERA E-books: Your Summer Reading List

by Ozma

TERA E-books

You’ve played the game—now read the books. Written by professional fantasy authors, TERA e-books feature short stories set in your favorite game world. From the Valley of Titans to the argon front to the thrumming heart of Kaiator, these tales of danger and adventure put you inside the TERA experience even when you’re not playing.

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TERA's Fourth eBook "Death at Forgeheart" Published

by Pwnyx


We've just published our fourth TERA e-book! These short-story e-books are a great way for readers to experience TERA's world in a whole new way with new characters and new stories.

Our newest TERA e-book is Death at Forgeheart , by USA Today bestselling writer Kristine Kathryn Rusch. It tells the story of two detectives—an aman and a baraka—who must trust one another long enough to solve a murder that could doom the federation.

Here's a small sample of what awaits you in Death at Forgeheart.

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