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Stats Roundup: Fraywind Canyon Battleground

by Ozma

TERA Battleground Data

Check out these stats gathered from battleground data, complete with a heat map of death! Where do slayers rank compared to archers? Which class ranks highest when you compare kills, deaths, and points earned? Do healers still earn points, even though they have fewer kills? (Spoilers: yes!) Check out the stats for yourself.

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The Argon Queen Is Here

by Ozma

TERA The Argon Queen

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived—the Argon Queen update is here—and with it, the argon queen herself, Shandra Manaya. In her lair, Manaya’s Core, she eagerly awaits the bravest, most seasoned Valkyon soldiers.

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The Argon Queen Update Patch Notes Are Live!

by Ozma

Patch 18.10.03 The Argon Queen Update

Our biggest update yet looms on the horizon: a black and silver cloud cut with vibrant blue. The argon queen is preparing—preparing to kill you. Will you show her what the Valkyon Federation does to those who would try to destroy the world of TERA?

The Argon Queen update brings new instances, exciting class changes, raids, new and revised items, and the much-anticipated battlegrounds to TERA—but that's not all! Check out the 18.10.03 patch notes.

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