TERA Production Chat: November 2011

by Scapes

The November edition of our TERA Production Chat on Twitter starts this Friday at 3:00 PM Pacific time. To ask a question during the event, mention @TERAonline and include the #TERA hashtag in your tweet. The guests for this event include Producer...

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TERA Wins Presidential Award at 2011 Korean Game Awards

by Scapes

Each year, South Korea celebrates the best games developed in the country with the Korean Game Awards ceremony, organized and judged by the South Korean government. Late last night, it was announced that TERA had won the Presidential Award (the...

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Meet the TERA Team: Game Testers

by Sjmagner

This is Scott James Magner, and the powers that be have asked me to tell you about myself and my team. I've been in the hobby gaming industry for some time, but odds are you've never heard of me. Or if you have, only in passing.

The reason isn't...

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It's October, What's Up With That?

Hello TERA-ites! Or is it TERAns? I can never remember.

It's been several weeks since my last update (longer than I initially planned), but the good news is we have updates on several projects.

Our web team has been hard at work redesigning the...

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Welcome to Our Workplace!

by Scapes

Two short weeks ago, the raucous sounds of fans talking TERA filled the En Masse Entertainment offices. While fans mingled with company staff, dueling dungeon parties raced to be the first to defeat the Necromancy Cell's argon bosses. Our...

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Introducing Chronoscrolls

by Patrick

Have you ever gotten frustrated by gold farmers hawking their wares and spamming game chat? Had to listen to a guildmate’s story of woe about a hacked account and stolen identity? Or submitted a petition and been told that you’ll have to wait...

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