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The reaper was born from the great fire that burned Pora Elinu and its tree of life. One elin ninja of the Bloodshadow clan, as she looked upon the flaming destruction, vowed that Lok and his followers would pay for what they had done, even if the cost was her mercy, her joy—her innocence.

Reaper Class Overview

The reaper offers a blend of close and mid-ranged combat, utilizing two chained blades to execute her opponents.

New reapers start at level 50. To start a new reaper character, you'll need a character that is level 40 or higher and an open character slot (on the same server).

Reaper Skills Overview

  • Cable Step

    Throw your scythes on cables at a target within 18 meters. If successful, you will fly toward the target.

  • Death Spiral

    Spin your scythes in a circle, dealing damage to enemies all around you and reducing monsters’ movement speed for 5 seconds.

  • Double Shear

    Fling your scythes to strike a ranged target, striking again as the scythes return to you.

  • Grim Strike

    Fling your scythes to strike a target in front of you.

  • Pendulum Strike

    Swing your scythes overhead to damage enemies in front of you as you jump backward; monsters hit are immobilized for 3 seconds.

  • Retribution

    Counter an incoming attack and charge toward the enemy. You also ignore all damage and become immune to all effects.

  • Smite

    Jump into the air and strike enemies in the head with your scythes, stunning them for 2.5 seconds.

  • Sundering Strike

    Gather shadows into your weapon to deal a fatal blow. Enemies with lower HP take more damage. After 3 seconds, the shadows explode, dealing additional damage.

  • Whipsaw

    Fling your scythes at an enemy within range to inflict multiple hits and regenerate some of your own HP. Healing is reduced on any player hit by spinning scythes by 10% per hit.

Reaper-Specific Achievements

  • Lead Reaper—Awarded to the first reaper to log into the server. This is a unique server achievement.
  • Reaper Secundus—Awarded to the first reaper on the server to reach level 58. This is a unique server achievement.
  • Reaper Prime—Awarded to the first reaper on the server to reach level 60. This is a unique server achievement.
  • Prone to Violence—Used “Retaliate” skill to kill 1,000 monsters.
  • Pull!—Used “Cable Step” 200 times.
  • From Hell’s Heart—Used “Retribution” 200 times.

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