Hit and Run Melee/Ranged Fighter

  • Nimble strategists who strike without warning.
  • Deal deadly damage with oversized shurikens.
  • Disorient opponents through misdirection.
  • Harness her inner Chi to unleash devastating attacks.

In the Shadow of Fate

Dakuryon's Dirty Secret

Dakuryon warned us it wasn’t over. We should have listened. But as the nightmare of his evil deeds faded back into the Dream, we grew complacent. We forgot. Now we may all pay the ultimate price. Dakuryon is back, stronger than ever, crazier than ever, and more dangerous than ever!

Demokron Factory

Archdevan Enigmas

The archdevans’ secret production facility is a horrifying factory filled with pain and hideous secrets. Players will be challenged by two unstoppable killing machines, a masterless giant crab, and Verno, a former researcher who has been transformed into a mindless, twisted monstrosity.

Demokron Factory is a 7-player raid dungeon for level 65 characters.

Shadow Sanguinary

Dakuryon Returns

Dakuryon is back, and his secret base is a gruesome nightmare of blood-magicked madness. Players must defeat an abomination sculpted from living rock and infused with energy stolen from the Dream before facing their least-favorite archdevan. But be warned: Dakuryon wants nothing less than the total destruction of the Valkyon Federation and all it stands for.

Shadow Sanguinary is a 5-player dungeon for level 65 characters.

Celestial Arena

Do you have what it takes to go solo against the arena masters? Celestial Arena offers 12 waves of random monsters that will test your skill, determination, and solo prowess. You'll never know exactly what the arena masters have in store, so come prepared for a unique battle every time!

Celestial Arena is a single-player dungeon for level 65 characters.

Flying Mounts

Take to the Skies in TERA

Flying mounts are coming to TERA! After completing a level 65 questline, TERA players will be granted a permanent flying mount they can use to get a birds-eye view of “free-fly” zones. Zoom across the treetops in Savage Reach, soar over the icy peaks of Arx Umbra, buzz the citizens of Velika, or view the devastation of the Island of Dawn from above on your very own flying mount.

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