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It’s been five years of fun since we first opened our servers, and our anniversary celebration is going to raise (and in one case, explode) the roof off the world of TERA!

Since our launch in 2012, we’ve introduced dozens of new game features, shared our streaming thoughts with you each week, introduced five new playable classes to our amazing starting eight, and grown our community to millions of players around the world. And through it all, we’ve kept one goal in mind:

Games should be fun. So let’s play!

5-Year Infographic

TERA's 5th Anniversary Infographic

From the deadliest monsters to the richest player, the first five years of TERA have yielded some impressive numbers!

TERA Gives You Wings!

TERA's 5th Anniversary Wings

Hey is there something on your back? Well, if you log in anytime during the five-week celebration, you’ll find a pair of Fifth Anniversary Wings waiting for your favorite character in Item Claim. In fact, you can log in every weekend in May in for a fresh pair.

Five years, five awesome pairs of wings. It’s just science!

True Action Armor

True Action Armor

Over the last five years, we’ve shown you a bewildering array of weapon and armor styles, allowing you to customize your look and play style however you like. But for our fifth anniversary, we’re stepping up our game with three new armor skins, including brand-new, fan-requested full helmets!

The Ironward, Dawn’s Guard, and Night’s Watch armor skins wrap you in full-metal protection that never goes out of style. Available in brushed steel, white with crimson accents, and black, this practical armor is the perfect look for all your adventuring needs. You can also accessorize with a full helm and an eye-catching shield.

New Dungeons, New Problems

In addition to our Fifth Anniversary celebration, the Velik’s Fate content update introduces two new, max-level dungeons with some high-stakes action.

Millennia ago, the dark god Lakan was locked away in a hidden prison, and forgotten by all but the most dedicated of cultists. When the enemies of the federation discovered his location, it was only a matter of time before the evil god escaped to resume his war on the rest of creation.

After earthquakes rock the city of Velika, Lakan makes his move, stealing a powerful artifact and attacking the goddess Velik in her sanctuary high above the world! Pursue Lakan’s invading forces in Velik’s Hold, then confront and vanquish Lakan himself in Velik’s Sanctuary, before he can destroy not only the city, but the goddess who calls it home!

Battle for Velik's Fate
Battle for Velik's Fate
Battle for Velik's Fate
Battle for Velik's Fate

TERA Fifth Anniversary—Celebration of Giving

TERA Fifth Anniversary—Celebration of Giving

We’re also offering some cool incentives for you and your friends during our Fifth Anniversary gift exchange. When you purchase a fifth anniversary gift box in the TERA store, you can either open it and get valuable consumables, mounts, costumes, or a chance at an EMP jackpot, or you can give it to a friend, and immediately get something cool!

Depending on how many boxes you send, you could earn cosmetic items, account-bound pets, or even a 30-day Elite Status Voucher!

And Much, Much, More!

Weekly Highlighted Battlegrounds

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! We’ve added special anniversary tokens to our spotlight dungeons and battlegrounds, as well as the new TERA Super Quiz Bowl community events and the daily calendar. These tokens can be exchanged at the Anniversary Token shop, with a weekly inventory refresh and lots of exciting items.

Speaking of battlegrounds, each week our highlighted battleground is eligible for a power-hour jackpot all day, every day, including chances to win items normally available in the TERA Store! And our highlighted dungeons are getting a similar power up, with final boss drop jackpots and extra-special items.

With so much fun stuff happening during our fifth anniversary month, you won’t want to let a single day pass without any TERA time!

Velik's Fate is coming May 9 to TERA!

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