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It’s been two years since TERA launched.
To all who have shared in the fun with us these past two years—


Join us for a special trip into the past, present, and future of TERA

Plus Anniversary Prizes, Bonuses, and a Party

Prizes Galore!

Log in April 24–May 1! We’ll award 20 prizes per server, per day. There’s just one exception—if you log in any time April 25–27, we’ll enter you in a special 75-prize weekend jackpot!

Note: Prizes awarded one day after each 24-hour prize period. Weekend prizes awarded on April 28. One entry per person for the weekend jackpot (even if you log in more than one day in the prize period).

  • Thursday

    April 24

    Log in for a chance to win a Night Mare mount.

    (20 per server)

  • Friday–Sunday

    April 25–27

    Log in for a chance to win Ember, the stamina-restoring mount.

    (75 per server)

  • Monday

    April 28

    Log in for a chance to win pocket popo party pack.

    (20 per server)

  • Tuesday

    April 29

    Log in for a chance to win a non-dyeable 2013 swimsuit bundle.

    (20 per server)

  • Wednesday

    April 30

    Log in for a chance to win a Halloween rare-costume bundle.

    (20 per server)

  • Thursday

    May 1

    Log in for a chance to win a blackheart weapon skin.

    (20 per server)

Bonus Bills!

Everybody wins when logging in during our anniversary week. Throughout the week of April 24–May 1, every day you log in, you’ll receive an additional five federation bills!

Party Like a Boss!

Throughout the day on Saturday, April 26, we’ll break out some special guests on all servers at random times for you to party with. Watch the system messages for information on where to find the party with some big-ass piñatas.


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