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The Amani endured many generations of slavery after the Divine War, but still maintained their culture and racial pride. They are always the loudest voices in defense of freedom—either their own, or someone else’s—and once given, will never go back on their word.

No Stranger to Pain

Amani take 10% less PvP damage when their HP is below 30%

Stand Fast!

Amani lancers and berserkers relish the opportunity to defend the weak—almost as much as Amani archers and spellcasters enjoy picking off enemies as they charge&ellips;

No Fear

The Amani national sport of Hummka resembles wrestling, if wrestling matches took place over lakes of magma with no safety rails!

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Created by the god Amarun, the amani fought a protracted war with the devas (and their goddess Zuras). Weakened by the conflict, Amarun was killed by Tithus, the god of the giants, and the amani were absorbed and enslaved by the expanding empire of the giants, who bred them into ever-better warriors.

Amani Today

With their hard-won freedom and commitment to the values embodied in the Valkyon Federation, it's a good time to be an aman. Though they still distrust the barakas for their genetic and historic ties to giants, they realize that this new order is the best—the only—way forward. Amani vigilance is quick to flare into fury at any threat to freedom—theirs or someone else's, and there is no ally more unfaltering and unstoppable in freedom's defense. When the archdevas were discovered in Northern Arun, the amani eagerly took up arms against their ancient enemy.

Capital City: Kaiator

The "Iron Bastion of the North" is the crucible of amani culture and military prowess, and the spearhead of freedom against the argon menace. Raised to honor the goddess Kaia, Kaiator's immense dome scrapes the heavens. Kaia herself lives within the city, an ever-present guardian and teacher to her chosen people.

In Kaiator, they fight for freedom as though it were the only thing that matters—because it is. They fight with hard-won skill, defend with undying loyalty, and remember their dead with honor.

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