Galactic Weekend Sale!

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Can you feel a strange disturbance in the Force? As though over a dozen items went on sale, and were seriously discounted?

If you’re enjoying some sci-fi this weekend, you can also stop by the TERA Store starting Friday, December 15, and enjoy deep discounts on our plasma weapon skins and a few other sci-fi-themed goodies.

These loot boxes are 33 percent off:

  • Plasma Weapon loot box (guaranteed to contain a random-colored plasma weapon skin)
  • Chromaplasm loot box (may contain a chromaplasma weapon skin)
  • Shocking Green loot box (may contain a green master plasma weapon skin)
  • Dire Crimson loot box (may contain a red master plasma weapon skin)
  • Foreboding Purple loot box (may contain a purple master plasma weapon skin)
  • Electric Blue loot box (may contain a blue master plasma weapon skin)
  • Jetcycle loot box
  • Skycycle loot box

These smart boxes are 50 percent off:

  • Electronic Eye (permanent)
  • Red Plasma smart box
  • Purple Plasma smart box
  • Green Plasma smart box
  • Blue Plasma smart box

And these mounts are 25 percent off:

  • Skycycle (Permanent Character Mount)
  • Jetcycle (Permanent Character Mount)

Don’t be the last! This sale ends Tuesday, December 19, so drop by the TERA Store today!

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