Ninja Launch Events


The ninja is coming to PlayStation®4 and Xbox One Tuesday, September 18, and we’re giving you a free character slot so you can take her out for a spin around the world of TERA! Just log in any time between 10:00 a.m. PDT on September 14 and Tuesday, October 8 at 11:59 p.m. PDT, and the Additional Character Slot will be sent to your Item Claim.

To help make playing your brand-new ninja that much more rewarding, we’ve also set up a few events you should absolutely check out:

Leveling Event (September 18 – October 8)

Once you hit level 2 as a ninja, you'll receive a Level 10 Ninja Box (one per account). This box contains a series of additional boxes you’ll open at levels 20, 30, and so on. By the time you reach level 65, you'll have plenty of useful rewards, all of which you can view HERE—plus ninja costume items like the Kunoichi Robe and the Butterfly Shuriken—to help you get into character.

Players on PVP Servers will see an added 50% increase of XP in Open World & Dungeons.

Shuriken Letter Event (September 18 – October 8)


Starting Tuesday, September 18, open your Item Claim to obtain a special item: the letter “N.” Then, complete Vanguard Requests over the next seven days and you’ll receive additional rewards: Ninja Launch Letter Boxes that provide the following letters at random: S, H, U, R, I, K, E, and N.

When you have obtained all the letters, use the N to create a Ninja Reward Box containing a special vehicle mount: the E-Line Coupe.

Titles & Achievements

If you're the competitive sort, you’ll want to earn special ninja titles and achievements—which you can only get by reaching specific leveling milestones within the first 24 hours after launch!

  • Quick Ninja— Reached level 30 as a ninja within the first 24 hours of ninja launch.
  • Genin— Reached level 58 as a ninja within the first 24 hours of ninja launch.
  • Chuunin— Reached level 60 as a ninja within the first 24 hours of ninja launch.
  • Jounin— Reached level 65 as a ninja within the first 24 hours of ninja launch.
  • Cutting-Edge Ninja— Awarded to the first ninja on each Server that reached level 65.

The titles will not automatically appear in your achievement list; we will add them to eligible characters during an upcoming maintenance.

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