Devilicious and Titan Force Costumes


The in-game TERA Store now features two more costumes to help you get into the Halloween spirit: Devilicious costumes for the ladies, and Titan Force costumes for the gentlemen.

Devilicious Bundle—1,995 EMP (or 1,495 for elite players)
This bundle contains:

  • Devilicious Costume Box
  • Steel-Tipped Devil Wings
  • Devil Horns

Devilish Loot boxes contain a semi-enigmatic scroll and may contain a colorful Devilicious costume with dyeable trim:

  • Devilish Human Costume Box—150 EMP
  • Devilish High Elf Costume Box—150 EMP
  • Devilish Amani Costume Box—150 EMP
  • Devilish Castanic Costume Box—150 EMP
  • Devilish Elin Costume Box—150 EMP

Titan Force Bundle—1,995 EMP (or 1,495 for elite players)
This bundle contains:

  • Titan Force Smart Box
  • Force Helmet (Blue)
  • Glider Wings

  • Force Cube loot boxes contain a semi-engimatic scroll and may contain a dyeable Titan Force costume:

    • Human Force Cube—150 EMP
    • High Elf Force Cube—150 EMP
    • Amani Force Cube—150 EMP
    • Castanic Force Cube—150 EMP
    • Popori Force Cube—150 EMP
    • Baraka Force Cube—150 EMP

    These items are only available until November 1, so grab yours while you can!

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