This Week in TERA Console: February 4–11 [UPDATED]

Interior pigs

This week in TERA—from Monday, February 4 until Monday, February 11—we’ve got several events and promotions lined up for you!

Lunar New Year

It’s the Year of the Pig—and we want you to celebrate with us! Log in on Tuesday, February 5, then check your parcel post for a bundle of New Year goodies, including:

  • Airy Porker flying pig mount (7-Day)
  • Prime Recovery Potable ×3
  • Prime Replenishment Potable ×3
  • Bravery Potion ×3
  • Canephora Potion ×3
  • Lein’s Dark Root Beer ×3

Lunar New Year Holiday Dresses will be going on sale February 7. Check our socials for more details.

year of pig

Year of the Pig (Mount)

What better way to celebrate the Year of the Pig than with a pig mount? From Tuesday, February 5 until Monday, February 11, we are discounting every pig mount in TERA. If you’ve ever wanted to ride high on the hog, you’ll never have a better opportunity!

dungeon entry

UPDATED: Triple Vanguard Weekday Event

Monday to Friday, February 4 to February 8, complete any Vanguard Request on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One and earn triple rewards!

Dungeon Entry Weekday Event has been cancelled.


Double Battleground Jackpot Reward Weekend

Then, from Friday, February 8 to Monday, February 11, we’re doubling battleground jackpot rewards for Gridiron and Fraywind Canyon! That means jackpot winners get:

  • Tier 12 Feedstock ×100
  • Tier 11 Feedstock ×200
  • Goddess's Tear ×6
  • Lakan Scale ×2
  • Smart Dyad Niveot Structure ×2

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