This Week in TERA Console: February 11–18


This week—Monday, February 11 to Monday, February 18—TERA offers double XP, double dungeon drops, and wedding outfits in the store!

Double XP Weekday Event

Every weekday, from Monday, February 11 to Friday, February 15, you’ll earn double XP, both in dungeons and in TERA’s open world. This is a great opportunity to level up fast!

Wedding outfits

Wedding Outfits

Valentine’s Day arrives on Thursday, February 14, and the in-game TERA Store has got you covered! Drop by the store to pick up your choice of any or all of these “special occasion” costumes:

  • Happy Bride Bundle—including a Bridal Gown Smart Box, White Lace Veil, and a White Lace Cape
  • Bridegroom Smart Box—containing a Wedding Tuxedo costume suitable for any race of male character
  • Hope Chest Loot Box—containing a semi-enigmatic scroll. May also contain a Modern Bride Smart Box, Black Lace Cape, Black Lace Veil, alkahests, or spellbinds
  • Suitable Groom Loot Box—containing a semi-enigmatic scroll. May also contain a Gentleman Groom Smart Box, alkahests, or spellbinds.

Valentine's Day Event

Now is your chance to steal back your Valentine's Day Gifts from the Caiman Egg Thief! Each time you locate and kill a Caiman Egg Thief, you'll retrieve a selection of consumable items, a variety of 7-day costume accessories, a permanent Warm Kitty Hat, a permanent Cold War Bomber smart box, or even a permanent Flying Skill: Cherry Blossom mount.

Starts : Thursday February 14th starting at 12:00 am PST ( Midnight )

Ends : Saturday February 16th ending at 11:59 pm PST

Double Dungeon Drops Weekend

Double Dungeon Drops Weekend

From Friday, February 15 to Monday, February 18, TERA presents a Double Dungeon Drop Weekend—with doubled chances at the best drops in select dungeons! (Look for updates on En Masse’s social media channels.)

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