This Week in TERA for Console: August 5–11


Accumulated Login Event

Log in every day from Tuesday, August 6 until Monday, August 19 and you can claim a useful item from the Event Menu. But you’ll need to log in all fourteen days of this great event to get the final item, a permanent level 60 glove etching!

Day 1: Goddess' Blessing x 5
Day 2: Divine Infusion x 40
Day 3: Valkyon Health Potion x 15
Day 4: Draconis Missive x 1
Day 5: Friendly Feast x 10
Day 6: Complete Crystalbind x 10
Day 7: Fashion Coupon x 300
Day 8: Rainbow Bait x 15
Day 9: Draconis Missive x 1
Day 10: Elite Crafter's Cure x 3
Day 11: Strong Bravery Potion x 15
Day 12: Superior Noctenium Elixir x 3
Day 13: Metamorphic Emblem Chest x 3
Day 14: Glove Etching: Energetic III x 1 (for gear level 60 and above)
boss spawn

Open World Boss Spawn Event

Starting Friday, August 9, and lasting until Friday, August 23, some of TERA's most difficult dungeon bosses roam the open world.

The bosses (and where they normally appear) are as follows:

  • Shandra Manaya (Dreadspire)
  • Meldita (Dreadspire)
  • Kelsaik (Dreadspire)
  • Thulsa (Dreadspire)
  • Nightmare Lilith (Lilith’s Keep (Hard))
  • Nightmare Darkan (Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard))
  • Nightmare Imperator (Shadow Sanguinary (Hard))
  • Nightmare Lakan (Velik’s Sanctuary (Hard))

In addition, two other bosses will make their console debut:

  • Koleogg (from Rift’s Edge, a 10 player raid)
  • Nightmare Yana (the final boss of Timescape (Hard))

Bosses will spawn twice daily, at the following times:

Console NA - 0000 to 0500 UTC / 1600 to 2100 UTC
Console EU - 0700 to 1200 UTC / 1700 to 2200 UTC
Console JP - 0000 to 0500 UTC / 0900 to 1500 UTC

Bosses will roam and respawn in the following zones (on all channels):

  • Celestial Hills
  • Aurum Road
  • Balder's Refuge
  • Granarkus
  • Plain of the Damned
  • Seeliewood
  • Dragonfall
  • Spring Valley

These roaming bosses drop potent consumables like Strong Bravery Potions and Strong Canephora Potions, and useful items like Smart Dyad Niveot Structures, Fashion Coupons, Enchanting Crates, Dragon Scales, and Fireworks (Dragon). These roaming bosses may also drop a tradeable Glimmerheart wolf mount.

vanguard event

Weekly Vanguard Bonus: Increased Gold and Reputation

Starting Tuesday, August 6 at 0400 UTC, and continuing until Tuesday, August 13 at 0400 UTC, you’ll earn increased gold and reputation rewards by completing Vanguard Requests.

(Remember: Vanguard Request daily limits reset at 0400 UTC.)


Weekend Battleground Spotlight

This weekend, from Friday, August 9 at 0500 UTC until Monday, August 12 at 0500 UTC, you’ll earn increased Bellicarium Credits from Corsairs' Stronghold, Fraywind Canyon, and the Gridiron.

Battleground Jackpots

Beginning this weekend, Battleground Spotlights now provide three Enchanting Crates to every player on the Winning Team.


Summer Festival Continues

Head to Ostgarath for the Beach Bash, and to Balder’s Refuge for the Festival of the Sun, to take part in special quests and mini-games.

Then cash in your summer tokens for special costumes, accessories, and consumables!

(Beach Bash and Festival of the Sun will be removed when the event ends on Tuesday, August 20.)


Summer Festival Fishing Continues

Have you been checking your Parcel Post for Summerfest Bait?

Use this special bait to fish in designated places on Dragonturtle Beach, near the Beach Bash events. Successfully fishing with Summerfest Bait at Dragonturtle Beach rewards you with Sea Festival Tokens. Cash in your Sea Festival tokens for swimwear and other summer accessories!

(Summerfest bait and the fishing event area will be removed when the event ends on Tuesday, August 20.)


TERA Store

Summer Now Swimwear Crates and Castanic Female Croptop Loot Boxes return to the store for a limited time only.

TERA is a stunning fantasy MMO that features fast-paced action combat; a vast, gorgeous world; and highly customizable characters. Best of all, TERA is FREE to play!