This Week in TERA Console: September 2-8


Rootstock and Pond Faire Begin

With the end of summer fast approaching, it’s time for two of TERA's great festivals: Rootstock and Pond Faire!

Starting Tuesday, September 3 and continuing until Tuesday, October 1, you can visit the Freeholds to explore the joys of Rootstock's open-air market, or wander the festive marshlands of the Tuwangi Mire for the annual Pond Faire.

During these festivals, you'll learn to make a variety of potent consumable dishes that provide combat boosts, complete achievements, earn cool pets (like Pinkie, Rainie, or Rusty), or possibly even acquire the elusive Moonsilk Carpet mount.

All class leveling event

All Class Leveling Event Begins

This all-class leveling event—with special rewards given to warriors and ninjas—begins Tuesday, September 3 and lasts until Tuesday, September 24.

For details on everything that you can earn, be sure to check out this forum thread.

Weekly Vanguard Bonus

Weekly Vanguard Bonus: Increased Gold and Reputation

Starting Tuesday, September 3 at 0400 UTC, and continuing until Tuesday, September 10 at 0400 UTC, you’ll earn increased gold and reputation rewards by completing Vanguard Requests.

(Remember: Vanguard Request daily limits reset at 0400 UTC.)

Weekend battleground spotlight

Weekend Battleground Spotlight

This weekend, from Friday, September 6 at 0500 UTC until Monday, September 9 at 0500 UTC, you’ll earn increased Bellicarium Credits from Corsairs' Stronghold and Fraywind Canyon.

The winning team in Fraywind Canyon will earn three Fraywind Canyon Victory Chests, and the winning team in Corsairs' Stronghold will earn five Corsairs' Stronghold Victory Chest from the Battleground Jackpot.

Loading screen contest

Warrior vs. Ninja—Loading Screen Contest

TERA Console's first loading screen art contest continues through Friday, September 20 at 23:59 UTC. Read the contest news post for all the details.

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