Pencils Down! Back-to-School Deals Are Here!


Head over to the Back-to-School Sale page to check out all the great deals on TERA and Closers items and pick up Stranger Things 3: The Game for 50% off! We’re also offering bonus gifts with your first purchase of EMP for TERA and Closers during the sale!

Click here to check out the Sale!

This year’s Back-to-School TERA EMP Bonus Gift includes:

  • Castanica Demons Smart Box
  • Footsteps: Lucky Pepper

This year’s Back-to-School TERA Pack includes:

Account Services

  • Elite Status Voucher (30-Day)
  • 10× Strongbox Keys


  • Pet Wooley

Weapon Skin

  • Silver Noblesse Smart Box


  • 2013 Kai Poly School Uniform (Female only—excluding Aman female)
  • Varsity Blue Dogs Costume


  • Tortoise-Shell Brow Glasses (Face)
  • Notes by Dolme (Head)
  • Beary Important Case (Black)

Click here to check out the Sale!

TERA’s Back-to-School Sale ends at 11:59 p.m. PDT on Tuesday, September 17, 2019, so get outfitted today!

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