Get a Gift when You Purchase EMP!


For a limited time only, when you purchase bundles of EMP from the TERA Store during the Black Friday sale (Friday, November 29 to Monday, December 2) we’ll send you a special gift!

When you purchase one of the EMP bundles listed below, you’ll also receive a number of Dyeable Summersilk Loot Boxes in your Item Claim. Each loot box is guaranteed to contain 400 Metamorphic Emblems, and may also contain a Dyeable Summersilk Robe costume, dyad niveot structures, Golden or Silver Talents, Superior Noctenium Elixirs, Health Potions, Crafter’s Cures, or additional Metamorphic Emblems.

1,000 EMP Bundle
When you purchase the 1,000 EMP package, you’ll also receive 3 Dyeable Summersilk Loot Boxes.

2,200 EMP Bundle
When you purchase the 2,000 EMP +10% bonus (200 EMP) package, you’ll also receive 5 Dyeable Summersilk Loot Boxes.

4,600 EMP Bundle
When you purchase the 4,000 EMP +15% bonus (600 EMP) package, you’ll also receive 10 Dyeable Summersilk Loot Boxes.

12,000 EMP Bundle
When you purchase 10,000 EMP +20% bonus (2000 EMP) package, you’ll also receive 15 Dyeable Summersilk Loot Boxes.

35,000 EMP Bundle—Limited Time Offer!
For this Black Friday sale, we’ve added a special 25,000 EMP package to the TERA Store. This EMP purchase option not only comes with 40% bonus EMP (for a total of 35,000 EMP), but instead of a loot box you’ll receive a Dyeable Summersilk Robe smart box containing a costume suitable for the character that opens it. And if that wasn’t cool enough, you’ll also receive an exclusive Ebon Celestial Dragon flying mount!

These Black Friday EMP Bundles are only available between Friday, November 29 and Monday, December 2, so don’t miss out.

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