The Awakening Update is Live!


TERA’s long awaited Awakening update is now live, introducing new skills for all classes, six new trial dungeons designed to test your abilities as you level up in preparation for level 65 play, and some quality-of-life UI improvements. We also have a special launch event to help you gear-up and get ready for the new Awakening questline.

After completing the Awakening questline, each class gains new “Apex” skills and abilities that will transform your gameplay in many ways. As a result of this skill realignment and balancing, any skill shortcuts, glyphs, or custom skill chains have been reset (even if your character is not level 65 and eligible for Apex skills).

This update also introduces the Dark Reach Citadel dungeon for level 65 characters, with both normal and (Hard) modes. This dungeon features the return of several fan-favorite NPCs, with a stunning twist that changes the world of TERA forever. Dark Reach Citadel has been specifically designed to challenge characters who have completed the Awakening process and developed their Apex skills.

There are a lot more changes in this update than can be covered in one news post, so be sure to check out our patch notes in the official TERA forums.

Battle Canary

Keep an eye out on the TERA store for the debut of the Battle Thrush and Battle Canary mounts!

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