En Masse Community Spotlight, Volume 2


Hey, folks, Tailypo here with another of our En Masse Community Spotlights!

The En Masse Partner Program is devoted to building new relationships with creators and micro-communities, as well as promoting long-standing relationships with some of our community’s “movers and shakers.” With that goal in mind, we’re featuring a few of our En Masse Partners regularly -- highlighting their communities, their thoughts about En Masse, and what makes them tick in general.

Today we’re shining the spotlight on two more En Masse Partner communities: Gay Geeks and Otaku Onsen!

Gay Geeks — discord.gg/CM9KSGM & twitch.tv/gay_geeks


Gay Geeks is the one of the largest LGBTQ+ community for geeks, nerds and gamers. A safe space to make friends, talk about gaming, geek humor and more, Gay Geeks has been around on Facebook for more than seven years. From talking about the latest and greatest games to simply having a geeky discussion about what movie was badass, we're here to encompass an ever-growing community composed of streamers, viewers, and geeks from all over the world. Our aim is to build an LGBTQ+ Community and give everyone a sense of community, hope, and happiness.

“The opportunity to partner with En Masse is exciting because it enables us to offer comprehensive guidance to our growing community of LGBTQ+ gamers as they enter the huge world of TERA for the first time. Considering the imminent launch of TERA on console, we are likely to see keen interest from users who have never tried the game before. With the backing of En Masse, we can assist players with onboarding and keep them coming back for more dungeon raiding and Big Ass Monster battles, and foster a healthy console community for the game.

TERA aside, we can also work with En Masse to promote their other titles, such as Kritika Online and the newly launched Closers. These anime-inspired titles would certainly appeal to our audience, as we have a dedicated group of anime fans within the Gay Geeks community, who may not be aware of their release, but would be interested in giving the games a try."

Otaku Onsen — discord.gg/cr7SWj3 & www.otakuonsen.com


OtakuOnsen is an online Discord community for people who love anime and gaming. Since their start in early 2017, they’ve grown to more than 9,000 users! Anyone is welcome to join and hang out; their community has its own moderating, events, and design teams, all of which come together to deliver a fun experience on Discord.

“En Masse Entertainment offers an awesome variety of games that many users in our community enjoy. TERA was the first MMORPG that we played. It’s a ton of fun, but playing with friends makes it so much more enjoyable! We’re very excited to work with En Masse to partner up together, and bring awesome content and give back to our awesome communities! Join us, as we plan on hosting events around En Masse Entertainment’s games!”

We hope you enjoyed this En Masse Community Spotlight! If you yourself are interested in becoming an En Masse Partner, join our Official En Masse Discord and speak with Tailypo directly about what opportunities the future holds, or fill out our En Masse Partner Form!


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