Godsfall - Available April 17

Nothing lasts forever. Not gods, and certainly not the cities of mortals.

And starting Tuesday, April 17, you'll see why when you experience Godsfall.

apex skills
Apex Skills

Godsfall takes its name from a major solo quest that level 65 players can undertake, which starts with an invitation to an exclusive banquet in Velika, and ends with characters unlocking their full potential in the form of "Apex" skills. Along the way, gods die, Velika is destroyed, the character travels back in time, and almost dies in battle with Khemadia, a powerful dragon devoted to avenging the first dragon, Vergos.

The key to defeating Khemadia lies in defeating a series of personal demons, including the character's Temper, Self-Doubt, and Guilt—and at each step, unlocking a new Apex skill, specifically tailored for the character's class.

New Berserker Skills
  • New Berserker Skills

Sacrifice HP to activate Unleashed skills.

Unleashed: Beast Fury

Charge forward and attack multiple times. Uses and consumes accumulated bonuses.

Unleashed: Dexter

Attacks that each hit increases skill damage and attack speed, and damage of Unleashed: Rampage.


Increased chance to crit.

Unleashed: Sinister

Attacks that each hit increases skill damage and attack speed, and decrease cooldown of Unleashed: Beast Fury.

Endless Rage

Faster movement while charging a skill.

Unleashed: Rampage

Attack with both hands. Each hit increases attack speed, and increases damage of Unleashed: Beast Fury.

Eye of the Storm

May reset cooldown of Cyclone.

New Brawler Skills
  • New Brawler Skills
Flying Kick

7m spinning back kick. When used after other skills, Flying Kick moves you an additional 6m, and deals more damage.


Each perfect defense increases damage to One-Inch Punch and Haymaker.

One Inch Punch

Staggers an enemy, deals massive damage, and has a high probability of knockdown.


Increase damage when Rage is 75% or more.

Rhythmic Blows

A flurry of punches ending with an uppercut to knock targets into the air.

Haymaker: Acceleration

Haymaker increases speed of One-Inch Punch.

New Lancer Skills
  • New Lancer Skills
Super Leap

Make a superheroic leap over enemies and smash the ground knocking targets into the air.

Divine Protection

10 second shield for you and allies.

Stronghold Shift

Stand fast is now movable.

Guardian Barrier

Opens a wide movable shield that reflects damage to protect you and allies.

Retribution Shield

Reflects damage on perfect defense.


More resistance to push-back from monsters.

New Mystic Skills
  • New Mystic Skills
Mass Teleport

Teleport multiple group members.

Arunic Release

Release the HP and MP recovery of all motes in front of you.

Summon: Thrall Lord

Summons an "super thrall" which deals damage to nearby enemies.

Thrall Augmentation

While activated, all summoned thralls grant beneficial effects to nearby allies.

New Priest Skills
  • New Priest Skills
Divine Charge

Replenish MP, heals HP and increase power and crit power to group members.

Holy Burst

A bolt of healing and adding Devoted Favor effect to allies while damaging enemies.

Devoted Favor

Reduce damage taken 5%, heals 100 HP per second.

Edict of Judgment

Boosts priest's damage skills and group power by 20 and crit factor by 30. Hits are counted as from the rear.

Protective Response

Decreases cooldowns of several skills.

Mass Divine Intervention

Teleport up to 4 allies to the priest.

New Slayer Skills
  • New Slayer Skills
Energy Rush

Boosts In Cold Blood.


Charge up your greatsword for a devastating spin attack. Your swords gets larger with each level of charge.

Punishing Blow

Leap into the air and slam your greatsword into the ground to knockdown enemies.

Savage Strike

A massive attack that changes subsequent attacks into back attacks for a few seconds. Combos well with other high damage slayer skills.

Overhand Strike: Focus

Increase Overhand strike damage.

Blade Master

Speeds cooldowns of Punishing Blow and Unsheathe.

New Warrior Skills
  • New Warrior Skills
Blade Waltz

A spinning attack that cuts through enemies.

Aerial Scythe

Leap into the air and initiate a spinning attack.

Blade Frenzy

A devastating spin attack that makes you temporarily immune to enemy attacks.

Tempest Aura

Accelerates attack speed, after 50 hits, adds shadow attack to Tempest Aura or Deadly Gamble.

Ready Blades

Decrease cooldowns for Scythe and Aerial Scythe.

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