What's Included?

If you're not taking advantage of TERA's elite status program,
you're missing out on a lot of features that seriously up your game.

Here's the whole list of game-changers that Elite players enjoy:

Daily Allotment of EMP!

Every day when you log in with Elite Status, you get 15 EMP. In a year, that's worth over $50!

You Get a Mount!

What better way to travel the world of TERA in style than on the back of a mount? Players with Elite Status have access to a mount for all characters starting at level 1!

Double Dungeon Entries

The best loot drops from dungeons. The more dungeons you can play on any given day, the more loot you pick up. So getting double the usual number of entries effectively doubles your loot!

Everful Nostrum

The Everful Nostrum increases your Crit Power and decreases the cooldown on your ranged and melee attack skills—and it can be used again and again. This free item makes you an extremely effective combatant.

Village Atlas & Travel Journal

The less time you spend traveling between where you are and where you want to be, the better—and between these two free items, elite players are little more than a loading screen away from all the game's best destinations.


Selling your unwanted items for in-game gold at the Trade Broker is a great way to get rich...but unless you're Elite, the broker is taking a cut, in the form of listing fees. With Elite Status, you post your stuff with only a 2% fee (no fee on console edition)!

On top of that, players are limited to only 10 simultaneous listings—but Elite players can have up to 50!

100% XP Boost

These boosts double the rate at which your character gains XP, ensuring that when you decide to try out an alt, you can level it up quickly and efficiently. This is especially helpful if you’re looking to play with your regular group, but need your new character to catch up as fast as you can manage.

And So Much More...

  • Additional Adventure Coins (PC only)
  • Increased Adventure Coin regeneration (PC only)
  • Daily fish delivery cap increase (PC only)
  • Quester's Gold, Gold Hunter, Reputation, Crafting Speed, and Item XP Boost
  • Daily Elite Box delivery
  • Velik's Opportunity (Level 65)
  • Unlimited Parcel Post Gold Cap
  • Daily Bonus Quest increase
  • Permanent Complete Veteran's Crystalbind
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TERA est un MMO fantastique qui offre un combat d'action rapide; un vaste et magnifique monde; et des personnages hautement personnalisables. Le meilleur de tous, TERA est GRATUIT pour jouer !