Does a rising tide lift all boats…or is the Valkyon Federation built on a foundation of xenophobia and oppression? On Tuesday, May 15, you’ll get your chance to look behind the façade…and decide for yourself who the real villains are.

New Dungeon: Red Refuge

Somewhere in the wilds of Feral Valley, not far from the Temple of Dagon, a motley group of monsters, raiders, and outcasts have taken refuge from the Valkyon Federation. But when they abduct Karakhir, the son of the legendary blacksmith Muhrak, the federation sends level 65 players to his rescue...and on a journey of discovery, as well.

Along the way, players will encounter a possibly familiar face—now masked by seething hatred—and learn that no good deed goes unpunished.

Red Refuge

Difficulty - ★ ★ ★

Difficulty (Hard) - ★ ★ ★ ★

Required Level - 65

Recommended Number of Players - 5 players

Minimum Item Level - 439

Minimum Item Level (Hard) - 446

Daily Entry Limit - 1 (2 for elite players)

Bosses - Argog, Kalavese, Thormentum

Bosses (Hard) - Nightmare Argog, Nightmare Kalavese, Nightmare Thormentum

Loot - Enchanting Crate, Frostmetal Equipment Chest, Emerald, Diamond, Liquid Metal, Archdevan Formula, Hypnotic Device, Carved Ornament, Otherworldly Shard, Archdevan Surfactant

Loot (Hard) - Enchanting Crate, Stormcry Equipment Chest, Emerald, Diamond, Archdevan Formula, Otherworldly Shard, Artisan's Tools, Pansophic Ash, Elemental Essence


Masks With Stats!

Longtime players of TERA should be thrilled to learn that the “Armor: Mask” slot on their character can finally be filled! Completing the Red Refuge (Hard) has a chance to drop one of four different Onset Masks as a reward, each of which increases your Endurance, plus one other combat statistic.

New Costumes and Weapon Skins

The Gilded Mask update also brings a host of new costumes and weapons skins!

There are Celestial costumes for each race and gender, and they’re also available in dyeable versions (just in case white’s not your thing). You can also pick up Angelic or Diabolic Wings to round out your ensemble. And, of course, along with the costume, there are new weapon skins to drive the point home! Angelic and Diabolic weapon skins are available for every class—with rarer Supernal and Hellbound varieties for a little added flair.

These costumes and weapon skins arrive in June.

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