This Week in TERA Console: Nov. 4-10

Red interior

Weekend Dungeon Highlight (November 8–11)

Earn additional rewards by completing select dungeons between Friday, November 8 (0500 UTC) and Monday, November 11

  • Harrowhold
  • Red Refuge (Hard)
  • Red Refuge
  • RK-9 Kennel
  • Kalivan's Challenge
  • Sabex Armory
  • Ghillieglade
Vanguard Bonus

Weekly Vanguard Bonus—Guild Quest Bonuses

Starting Tuesday, November 5 (0700 UTC), and continuing until Tuesday, November 12, guild quests have increased Guild Funds and Guild XP rewards.

(Remember: Guild quests reset daily, at 0700 UTC.)

Gourdo's Trick or Treat

Gourdo’s Trick or Treat Ends November 5

But he still wants to play in most of TERA's cities and major villages. For all the details, check out this news post.

Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival Hall Ends November 5

To get to the Harvest Festival Hall, travel northeast from Pora Elinu to Eldritch Academy, or speak to Ellonia, the Halloween Guide, near the pumpkin decorations in any town.

Once inside Eldritch Academy, speak to Titiana to enter the Hall, then speak to the witch Serena to begin. Use the Halloween Cannons to repel waves of monsters intent on stealing every last bit of candy they can get their grubby paws on.

If successful, Serena will reward you with Halloween Candy for your efforts. You can exchange Halloween Candy with Ellonia for some fantastic special items! Select “Accessories” to see what's available in her Halloween Candy Shop.

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