Class Overview


If you like having a tool for every job, the archer is the class for you—especially if you like tools that explode, penetrate armor, or trap enemies in magical spider webs! In battle, archers leave a trail of victims that look like pincushions—many dead before they knew what hit them. Playing an archer rewards you for using clever tactics and thinking two steps ahead of your enemy.


An archer strikes hard, fast, and from far off. Although their arrows diversify as they level up, if you're going to have just one trick, putting a hole in someone's head before they see you is a good one.


Archers poison, stun, trap, and damage their targets, giving them advantages in any encounter.

Armor: Light

Archers wear leather armor for speed and mobility. Those who fight and run away need less healing at the end of the day.

Weapon: Bow

Archers use bows, of course, but it's the broad range of arcane arrows that make the class: piercing arrows, exploding arrows, rapid-fire arrows, poison arrows, arrows that hit multiple enemies in one shot, and more.

Skill List


A basic arrow that's strongest at close range.


Quickly dodge back out of harm's way.

Arrow Volley

Lock on to and fire at several targets at once.

Penetrating Arrow

A charging skill that can hit multiple opponents in a line.

Slow Trap

Set a trap that severely restricts a target's Movement Speed.

Close Quarters

Bash an enemy with your bow, potentially stunning it.

Breakaway Bolt

Fire an exploding arrow at your feet, leap clear, and then watch the fireworks.


Leap to your feet while attacking your target. You can use this skill only when knocked down.

Rapid Fire

Quickly fire up to seven arrows in succession.

Radiant Arrow

A high-damage charging attack.

Poison Arrow

Fire an arrow dripping with lethal poison.

Final Salvo

A five-shot finishing move that chains from Radiant Arrow, Penetrating Arrow, or Thunderbolt.

Incendiary Trap

A magical landmine that blasts anyone near it when it goes off.

Stunning Trap

Set a trap that briefly stuns the victim.

Velik's Mark

Mark a single opponent and do extra damage whenever you hit it.

Feign Death

Deceive monsters by pretending to be dead. Resets your aggro and buys you some breathing space.

Web Arrow

Tangle your targets, slowing them down.

Eagle's Eye

Increases Power, Attack Speed, and Endurance, as well as damage against normal monsters.

Snipers Eye

Increases Power, Attack Speed, and Movement Speed, as well as damage against bosses.

Restraining Arrow

Reduces a target’s Movement Speed and Attack Speed.

Rain of Arrows

Exactly what it sounds like. Anyone in the area better have a steel umbrella.

Concussion Trap

Fire a delayed effect arrow to stun your enemies.

Ensnaring Trap

Fire a delayed effect arrow to slow your enemies.

Explosion Trap

Fire a delayed effect arrow to damage your enemies.


Replenishes MP and increases resistance to stun.


Fire a concussive arrow that damages enemies and knocks them back.

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