Class Overview


The brawler is an offensive dynamo with exceptional tanking capabilities, heavy armor, and massive powerfists that both dish out and block damage. She sends enemies sprawling and flying before her, helpless in the face of her fighting prowess.

In-Your-Face Tank

Heavy armor and the ability to block directed attacks allow brawlers to go toe-to-toe with the biggest bosses in TERA.

Massive Powerfists

Powerfists are part boxing gloves, part brass knuckles. They pack a wallop that can send enemies sprawling, flying, and dying.

Punch and Counter

Punch and Counter are the brawler's bread-and-butter. Every Punch landed increases the hit counter and alters the Counter effect.

Amazing Moves

Brawlers knock enemies down and then kick them into the air. They gather up mobs and mow them down. Every attack sets up a devastating combo.

Never Say Die!

Brawlers can barely contain their fighting fury. Every skill increases their Rage, which brawlers then use to unleash furious attacks.

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Skill List


Throw a punch, replenishing your MP and increasing your Rage. The more punches you deliver in a row, the better the combo you'll get from using Counter.


Block frontal enemy attacks, deal a little damage, or chain with Punch for some amazing combos: right hook (staggers target); uppercut (knocks enemy into the air); whirlwind punch (pulls enemies toward you); or super knockout punch (knocks enemies down). The better your powerfists, the better you'll block, and the more damage you'll deal.

If you Counter within 0.5 sec, you also deal the target 50% of Counter's crit damage, and gain 200 Rage.

Quick Dash

Dodge past your enemy's attack.

Roundhouse Kick

Kick a monster into the air, or stagger an opposing player.


Hammer your enemy with a flurry of rapid jabs, decreasing the target's Endurance.


Deliver a series of uppercuts while leaping into the air—then hammer an opponent as you land.


Wind up and throw a terrifying punch, with a high chance of knockdown. Deals more damage against targets with low HP.


Rage Skill: Block frontal attacks while you rush an enemy and deliver a series of devastating blows, knocking them into the air. Can trigger Perfect Defense.

Ground Pounder

Block frontal attacks while you pound the ground at your feet, pulling enemies closer and then knocking them into the air. Can trigger Perfect Defense.

Bull Rush

Charge forward, pushing back any enemies in your path and generating aggro. You can use your mouse to adjust your course in mid-charge.

High Kick

Kick an enemy you've knocked down up into the air (a perfect setup for Meat Grinder).


Draw the aggro of all enemies within 10m (even while you're moving).


After a successful block, throw a counterpunch that knocks the enemy up into the air. Can trigger Perfect Defense.

Meat Grinder

Target an enemy that's already suspended in air and pummel it with a series of devastating blows. Locks down an opposing player's evasive skills for 3 seconds.

Growing Fury

Rage Skill: Increase your Power and Crit Factor by 50, your size and melee range by 10%, and reduces skill cooldowns by 30%. Adds Defense against all frontal attacks; blocks frontal attacks while casting. Decreases Attack Speed by 10, and consumes 300 MP per second. Cannot use Mounting Rage or Meat Grinder while in effect.

Flip Kick

Kick an enemy in the head, stunning them. When used on an opposing player knocked into the air, locks down Retaliate for 3 seconds.

Invigorating Rage

Rage Skill: Burn off half your Rage to recover 40% of your HP and replenish 40% of your MP.

Mounting Rage

Gain 50% of your maximum Rage, then 50 more Rage every second for 20 seconds. Cannot use while Growing Fury is in effect.

Divine Wrath

Rage Skill: Block frontal attacks while your leap into the air and smite a group of enemies, with a high chance of knocking them down. Has a high chance to crit.


Challenge enemies in a wide area, maximizing your aggro.

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