Class Overview


Gunners are fast-moving, high-DPS ranged combatants who never stop to ask questions—they're too busy shooting first! With run-and-gun tactics and cool new weapons, True Action Combat has never been so satisfying!

Battlefield-clearing Attacks

Powerful AoEs let the gunner take out hordes of enemies without breaking a sweat.

Big-Ass Guns

Arcannons are huge weapons with huge damage potential. Never settle for something small when you can go big!

Summoned Constructs

Never fight alone! Place a turret to cover one end of the battle, and have your HB heal you as you run to the other!

Heavy Armor

The gunner is equipped to do more than just dish out damage from range, she can also stand on the front lines and punish foes up close and personal!

65 Levels of Awesome

The gunner is available to castanic and high elf females at character creation.

Elin Gunner available on PC

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Skill List


Fire shots that explode on impact with enemies or obstacles.

Time Bomb

Fire shots which explode on impact, and again two seconds later.

Balder's Vengeance

Use your Willpower to deal critical damage to all enemies in front of you.

Rolling Reload

Dodge enemy attacks. Eliminates Scattershot cooldown.

Arcane Barrage

Fire an energy pulse through enemies, then detonate it!


Recharge your MP and Willpower.


Fire a spread of shots at your enemies.

Mana Missiles

Charge up and launch missiles that twist and turn toward your target.

Point Blank

Bash your enemies, then fire a shot to knock yourself back!


Target an area, then launch a volley of shots to stagger enemies.

Arc Bomb

Toss a bomb at an enemy or obstacle for an explosive surprise!

Rocket Jump

Fire straight down, damaging enemies and propelling yourself forward.

Burst Fire

Fire powerful, penetrating shots for as long as you have Willpower!

Gun Enthusiast

(passive) Increases Movement Speed after killing an enemy.

One with the Gun

(passive) Generates Willpower after killing an enemy.

Emergency Barrier

(passive) Applies a damage reducing shield when hit with a fatal attack.

Command: Stay/Follow

Tell your HB construct to dig in, or follow you into battle!

Command: Recall

Travel in a straight line to your HB construct, ignoring enemies in the way.

Companion HB-7

Your construct companion that helps out in combat!

Companion ST-4

Summon a turret construct that attacks all enemies in range.

Companion Command: Self-Destruct

Order your constructs to detonate and damage nearby enemies.

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