Class Overview


As powerful in defense as in attack, the lancer’s role in a fight is at the head of the formation. His heavy shield absorbs damage, while his lance provides striking power that’s targeted yet effective against multiple foes. Numerous skills for drawing aggro let the lancer take the heat and give his party members more opportunities. Lancers can minimize damage to their own party and help them devastate the enemy.


A lancer's shield not only protects him, it protects those clustered behind him. Lancers are a walking safe spot for the wounded as they escape, and a refuge for ranged fighters who want to get in closer.

Battering Ram

Besides pinning down foes and shrugging off their attacks, lancers can drive forward, drilling through anything in front of them, mowing down multiple targets as easily as one.

Armor: Plate

Lancers fight in heavy armor, and with the addition of their outstanding shield defense, are so well-protected they have some to spare for those around them.

Weapon: Lance and Shield

The lancer's formidable weapon set includes the powerful lance, but he can also swing his shield for two-handed attack power to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Skill List


Quickly back up without turning around. Uses Resolve instead of MP.

Combo Attack

A series of damaging strikes that build MP.

Stand Fast

Block frontal attacks with your shield, reducing damage for yourself and allies behind you for as long as you have Resolve and hold down the skill button.

Shield Barrage

Move forward, battering targets with your shield. Repeat the attack for a chance to stun them.

Spring Attack

Leap at your foe and attack.

Shield Bash

Briefly stun one or more foes.

Charging Lunge

Charge a short distance and impale your target.


Leap to your feet while attacking your target. You can use this skill only when knocked down.

Second Wind

Recovers HP and restores Resolve.

Challenging Shout

Draws the attention of nearby monsters, and generates aggro.


Rush forward and deliver a series of attacks.

Guardian Shout

Increases the Endurance of nearby allies, but not your own.


Throw a magical hook and chain that drags an enemy toward you. Won't work on huge opponents.

Shield Counter

Allows a chance to shield-thump your foe while using Stand Fast.


Bash an opponent and briefly drain its Endurance. Stacks up to three times.


Jump forward and hammer the ground, damaging and possibly stunning nearby opponents.

Menacing Wave

Decreases Movement Speed and Attack Speed of nearby opponents.

Iron Will

Absorbs damage, consuming 1 MP for every 20 damage absorbed.

Master's Leash

Throw another hook to pull the target nearer. You can use this skill only after using Leash.

Lockdown Blow

Deliver a crippling attack that decreases an opponent’s Movement Speed.


Enrages nearby monsters and increases your aggro to the maximum amount.

Pledge of Protection

Absorb a portion of your group’s damage for a few seconds, applying it to your own Defense instead.

Adrenaline Rush

Increases your Attack Speed, decreases skill cooldowns, and generates additional aggro.

Chained Leash

Throw a chain at a nearby target, stunning it and pulling up to six other enemies to the same spot.

Rallying Cry

Draws aggro and briefly grants your party immunity to knockdown and stagger.

Hold the Line

Increases aggro and adds Resolve after a properly timed block. Effect stacks up to 20 times.

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