Class Overview


Mystics walk a wild path, wielding primal powers to heal allies, summon thralls, and curse their foes. Mystics travel the battlefield freely, helping where they can and anticipating the enemy’s next moves. If you can keep up, the safest place in the world to stand is near a mystic.


Mystics, more than any other class, control the flow of battle. They strategically place HP recovering and MP replenishing orbs around the battlefield, and generate auras that enhance (or protect from) critical hits, increase Movement Speed, and continually replenish MP.


A mystic stuns, curses, sears, and smites enemies. They can dispel buffs on foes and debuffs on allies with a simple gesture, and can drain HP from opponents and transform it into MP for allies. A mystics' thralls are devastating allies that can stand claw to claw with the deadliest of enemies.

Armor: Robes

Mystics wear robes for protection, but mainly rely on their skills—and their magical pets—to ensure their survival on the battlefield.

Weapon: Scepter

The scepter is the focus of a mystic's magic, which emanates from the sleeping titans Arun and Shara. With these instruments of power, the mystic can heal and harm, sustain life, or bring death.

Skill List

Arun's Vitae

Gathers Arunic power into a mote that recovers HP and removes harmful effects.

Sharan Bolt

Unleash a bolt of disruptive Sharan energy at a target.

Mana Infusion

Replenishes MP for several seconds.

Metamorphic Blast

Blast any enemies directly in front of you.

Thrall of Protection / Better Raj

Summon a better Raj that draws aggro from monsters and makes melee attacks.

Metamorphic Smite

Blast any enemies directly in front of you.

Teleport Jaunt

Teleport a short distance in the direction the camera faces.

Corruption Ring

Drains HP from nearby enemies. After casting, becomes Infusion Ring, which replenishes MP for yourself and your party.


Leap to your feet while attacking your target. You can use this skill only when knocked down.

Thrall of Vengence

Summon a Thrall of Vengeance that makes ranged attacks against your enemies.

Sonorous Dreams

Lock onto your foes and put them briefly to sleep.

Volley of Curses

Lock onto your target and inflict a curse that does constant damage. Effect stacks up to three times.

Arun's Cleansing Touch

Lock on to your allies and purge them of harmful effects.

Thrall of Life

Summon a Thrall of Life that heals you and removes harmful effects.


Restore life to a nearby dead party member.

Titanic Favor

Lock on to allies and heal a moderate amount of HP, and then a smaller amount over time.

Aura of the Swift

Increases the Movement Speed of nearby group members.

Summon Party

Teleport any of your group members within the same province to your side.


Removes all buffs on nearby enemies.

Aura of the Unyielding

Increases the Crit Resist Factor of nearby group members.

Titanic Wrath

Increases the Power of the mystic and nearby allies.

Arun's Tears

Gathers Arunic power into a mote that replenishes MP.


Lock on to enemies and drastically decrease their Movement Speed.

Aura of the Tenacious

Replenishes MP of other group members.

Thrall of Wrath

Summon a Thrall of Wrath armed with a powerful area attack.

Ancient Binding

Hurl a magic bolt that slows its target.

Vow of Rebirth

Form a bond between you and one group member, who will now resurrect if killed.

Curse of Exhaustion

Lock on to PvP opponents and increase their skill cooldowns.

Aura of the Merciless

Doubles the Crit Factor of group members.

Shara's Lash

Cast a caustic bolt of Sharan energy that explodes at range or on contact, briefly stunning foes.

Curse of Confusion

Lock on to nearby enemies, causing them to flee in terror.

Warding Totem

Summons a totem that recovers HP and buffs allies.


Infect a target with a disease that saps Endurance and spreads to, and damages, nearby enemies.

Boomerang Pulse

Fires a rebounding bolt that damages enemies and heals party members along its path.

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