Class Overview


The ninja is a nimble strategist who relies on hit-and-run tactics and misdirection to attack quickly and get away cleanly. She deals deadly damage with her impressive shuriken, up close or at range. Ninjas can also harness their Chi to produce devastating flame attacks.

Now You See Her

Ninjas hit hard and without warning. They dart back and forth, lunge forward, and can even place decoys and teleport behind enemies

Now You Don't

Ninjas slip away to avoid damage. They can disappear in a puff of smoke or a damaging flame bomb, or leap forward suddenly to avoid attacks.

Rotating Blades of Death

Ninjas do more with their shurikens than throw them. They also enjoy pulling enemies into spinning vortexes that both slice and dice.

The Heat of Battle

Ninjas focus the power of their Chi to burn enemies by tossing around balls of flame or calling down an avalanche of molten fire.

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Skill List

Combo Attack

Your basic attack, damages enemies and replenishes MP. Each hit decreases cooldowns for other skills.

Shadow Jump

Leap forward and evade enemy attacks.

Decoy Jutsu

Place a decoy, then teleport behind an enemy to attack.

Double Cut

Attack nearby enemies with a crosscut slice.


Jump into the air and attack nearby enemies.

Jagged Path

Zig-zag forward and attack the first enemy you encounter.

Thousand Cuts

Charge forward and execute a lightning-fast series of attacks.

Circle Steel

Spin your shuriken to attack nearby enemies.


Create a spinning vortex of death to pull in enemies.

Poised Steps

Decreases the chance of being stunned or staggered.

Impact Bomb

Toss a flame bomb at your feet and jump back, damaging your enemies and suspending them in the air.

Leaves on the Wind

Throw iron spikes at your enemies.

Clone Jutsu

Disguise yourself as another player for 60 seconds.

Burning Heart

Harness your Chi to throw fireballs.

Focused Chi

Ninjas gain Chi by defeating enemies. Chi is used to power Burning Heart and Fire Avalanche.


Still your mind and restore your Chi by 500.

Chakra Thrust

Lunge forward and stab a target where it hurts, stunning them.

Death Blossom

Pull enemies toward you with a ring of spinning shurikens.

Smoke Bomb

Create a ring of smoke to conceal and protect your party.

Fire Avalanche

Harness your Chi to execute a fiery dive attack.


Concentrate for a few seconds and increase your weapon's damage.

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