Class Overview


The reaper is a leather-wearing class that uses chain blades to dispatch their foes. Reapers begin at level 50, but you may only create a reaper if you have another class that is already level 40 on your server. Once you do, you’ll begin in their starting zone in the midst of the destruction of Pora Elinu. The reaper is a very mobile class that utilizes its chain blades not only to damage, but also absorb health and whip across the battlefield.

Chainable Skills

While all classes have chain skills, the reapers ability to chain skills together and unleash fury is unparalleled amongst other classes. Finding the proper chains to maximize reaper damage is essential to getting the most out of this class.

Skill Range

It’s important to find out the ranges of all your skills so you aren’t caught in whiffing at the end of a chain. The range of reaper skills are shorter than a class like the Sorcerer or Archer, but much longer than a slayer or warrior. Practice makes perfect on this front.

Armor: Leather

Reapers wear light armor so they can take advantage of their speed and mobility. He who fights and runs away needs less healing at the end of the day.

Weapon: Chain Blades

A reaper carries chained blades in each hand. These blades can be used at both close and mid range, making it perfect to carve out opponents from near and far.

Skill List

Double Shear

Fling your scythes to strike a ranged target. The scythes strike the target again as they return to you. Damage is doubled when used in a chain with Spiral Barrage (after 3rd, 4th, or 5th hit), Grim Strike, Pendulum Strike, Whipsaw, Death Spiral, Smite, or Shadow Lash.


Leap to your feet while attacking your target. You can use this skill only when knocked down.


Prepare to counter an incoming attack. If you activate Retribution right before an attack lands, you ignore all damage and immediately charge toward the enemy. While preparing, you also ignore other damage and become immune to all effects. Attack speed does not affect the Retribution skill.

Shadow Step

Instantly leap forward to evade enemy attacks. You can Shadow Step twice within 4 seconds, and you can change direction between leaps. A cooldown triggers after the second leap (or 4 seconds after the first).

Spiral Barrage

Strike one or more targets at long range, and gain MP with each hit. Successive strikes do more damage, up to four hits, with the fourth hit dealing substantially more.

Veil of Shadows

The moment death comes to you, you'll be knocked down and enter the veil of shadows where you survive with 15% HP remaining for 7 seconds. All damage taken is reduced by 50% and you cannot receive any healing effects during this time. If you survive for 7 seconds, you recover 30% from your max HP and be back to your normal state. Stamina will not decrease when you survive and all your buffs remain. This passive skill also functions in PvP.

Grim Strike

Fling your scythes to strike a target in front of you. Grim Strike activates faster when chained with Spiral Barrage (after 3rd, 4th, or 5th hit), Double Shear, Pendulum Strike, Whipsaw, Death Spiral, Smite, or Shadow Lash.

Pendulum Strike

Strike your enemy as you leap 7m backwards from your target. If the target is a monster, the target will be immobilized for 3 seconds. You can use Pendulum Strike in a chain to interrupt your own skill actions. A great skill that also helps you reposition yourself or leap over your target to get behind them.


Fling your scythes at an enemy within range to inflict multiple hits and regenerate some of your own HP. Healing is reduced on any player hit by the spinning scythes by 10% per hit. You can use Whipsaw to interrupt your own skill actions when used in a chain with Spiral Barrage, Double Shear, or Pendulum Strike.

Sundering Strike

Gather shadows into your scythes to deal a fatal blow to a target in front of you. Sundering Strike inflicts more damage to enemies with lower HP. Shadows at the epicenter of the attack explode after 3 seconds to deal additional damage. Sundering Strike activates faster when chained with Double Shear or Grim Strike.

Cable Step

Throws the scythe like a hook to capture a target within 18m and pulls you toward the target. This skill will also stun your target for a few seconds.

Death Spiral

Spin your scythes in a 720 degree arc, dealing damage to all enemies around you and reducing the movement speed of all monsters hit for 5 seconds. You can use Death Spiral in a chain to interrupt your own skill actions. You can Spiral twice within 6 seconds, but a cooldown time triggers after the second Spiral or 6 seconds after the first.

Shadow Burst

Gather dark energy into your weapon and strike the ground to create an explosion that does massive damage to enemies within 9m. You may trigger the skill again after the first explosion within a short time frame with a high chance of knocking your opponents down towards your direction. You cannot be knocked down or staggered in the middle of casting this skill, however stun or sleep can interrupt you. You can cancel the first animation by moving in any direction without putting this skill on cooldown.


Jump into the air and strike enemies in the head with your scythes, stunning them for 2.5 seconds.

Shadow Lash

Create a whip of shadows and fling it at a target in front of you. Shadow lash can be chained together up to 4 times and restores MP on every hit. A cooldown time begins after the chain ends.

Shadow Reaping

Reap the shadows around you. While reaping, the cooldown time of Double Shear, Grim Strike, Pendulum Strike, Whipsaw, Sundering Strike, Cable Step, Death Spiral, Smite, and Retaliate are reduced by 70%.

Soul Reversal

Throw a shadowy cable at a single target within 20 meters. If hit, the target becomes entangled in the cable and takes damage over time. Activate Soul Reversal again to immobilize a tangled target within 40 meters and switch positions with that target. You cannot switch positions with entangled bosses or elite monsters, and you can only have one entangled target at a time.

Shrouded Escape

Become invisible and reduce aggro for a few seconds.

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