Class Overview


Slayers blend high mobility with high damage capabilities. It takes a certain flair to wield a massive weapon, and slayers wade into fights like a double-edged whirlwind. The slayer's approach to combat is aggressive swordplay and overwhelming force—sweeping circular attacks to mow down enemies, agile dodges to get behind foes, and leaping backflip kicks that stun enemies and open distance for a big attack.

Agile Attacker

Slayers strike like lightning: fast and devastating. Then they disappear the same way before the opponent can react.

Melee Mayhem

A sword two meters long leaves mighty big holes. There's always room on the battlefield wherever a slayer has crossed it.

Armor: Leather

Because slayers wear light armor, they're quick on their feet, and are often able to avoid damage that would fell another player.

Weapon: Greatsword

The slayer's best friend is a two-handed greatsword loaded with damage-dealing power. Once unleashed in a roundhouse attack, it continues felling foes on all sides, and even those sneaking up from behind.

Skill List

Combo Attack

Strike one or more targets in front of you, and gain mana (and do more damage) with each hit.

Evasive Roll

Dodge forward past your enemy.


Spin with your sword, hitting any enemies in reach.

Knockdown Strike

Bowl your enemy over with a mighty swing of your sword.

Headlong Rush

Charge forward, and make your next attack with much greater speed while the adrenaline lasts.

Triumphant Shout

Replenish your MP, and keep it from decaying for several seconds.


After being knocked down, leap to your feet while attacking your target.

Overhand Strike

Swing downward for a massive blow. You swing faster if you use this right after one of your other melee attacks.

Startling Kick

Batter and briefly stun your target with a kick, then leap backward.


Call on your inner reserves to replenish some MP.

Distant Blade

Strike a target up to three times with a magic extension of your sword.

Leaping Strike

Jump at your foe and smash downward.

Stunning Backhand

Batter your foes with the flat of your sword, briefly stunning them.

Fury Strike

An attack that deals higher damage when your HP is low.


Increase your Movement Speed temporarily.

Heart Thrust

Step forward and stab your enemy.

Exhausting Blow

An attack that increases skill cooldowns for PvP opponents.


Increase the damage of your next melee attack.


Sprint in and make a lethal, immobilizing thrust to your target's back.

In Cold Blood

Increase your Power and Attack Speed for a few seconds.

Measured Slice

Make a powerful surprise attack.


Deal damage and knock an opponent down.

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