Class Overview


Pure Power

Sorcerers aren't concerned with subtlety or misdirection. They don't spend a lot of time waiting for their enemies to line up for a perfect shot; instead they clear out minor threats quickly with area-of-effect attacks and deal massive damage to large foes with targeted skills.

Ground Zero

Sorcerers are deadly from anywhere on the battlefield. They strike, evade, and strike again, playing a game of position few classes can match. Massive damage is their primary defense, weakening foes with a variety of effects and then destroying them without a second thought.


The sorcerer's disc is the conduit for their will, transforming intellect into sheets of flame, icy spheres, and even pure explosive energy. The spinning disc focuses, reinforces, and redirects each spell precisely where it's needed.

Precision Planning

While meteor strikes, lightning blasts, and ice storms have their place, sorcerers also have lock-on skills to drain and weaken their foes, as well as charging attacks to build power for an even bigger boom. Ignore sorcerers in battle at your peril—there's so many ways for them to destroy you!

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Skill List


Your basic attack, shoots a fireball at a target.

Flame Pillar

Summon a column of flame directly in front of you that burns any enemies within it.


Quickly back up out of harm's way.

Mana Infusion

Replenish your MP.

Lightning Strike

Call down a line of lightning bolts in front of you.

Painful Trap

Set a temporary trap that explodes and damages enemies in its area of effect.

Time Gyre

Lock on to and immobilize targets.

Frost Sphere

Launch a damaging sphere of chilled air through a line of targets. Explodes at max range.


Leap to your feet while attacking your target. You can use this skill only when knocked down.


Inflict periodic damage on enemies.

Mana Siphon

A charging skill that drains MP from opponents.

Arcane Pulse

A charging skill that sends an energy ball through multiple enemies.

Glacial Retreat

Freeze the ground before you as you leap backward, damaging and briefly slowing nearby foes.

Flaming Barrage

Lock on to targets and deal impressive damage.

Burst of Celerity

(Passive) Increases Attack Speed by 30.

Teleport Jaunt

Teleport a short distance in the direction the camera faces.


Briefly put enemies to sleep.

Meteor Strike

Call down a flaming meteor a short distance in front of you.

Lightning Trap

Set a temporary trap that briefly paralyzes enemies in its area of effect.

Mana Boost

Increase Attack Speed and skill damage against monsters. May also enhance other skills.

Void Pulse

Launch a powerful sphere at a single target.

Mana Barrier

Cast a magical shield that absorbs damage.

Burning Breath

Lock on to a target and deal massive periodic damage.

Hail Storm

Summon an ice storm in front of you that damages and progressively slows enemies.

Nerve Exhaustion

Lock on to PvP opponents and prevent them from using skills.

Mana Volley

Lock on to PvP opponents and drain their MP.

Stone Skin

Encase your body in stone, becoming immune to all attacks and dropping aggro.


Deal massive damage to nearby enemies.

Warp Barrier

Cancel incoming damage for a few seconds, and replenish some MP.

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