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Quick-Start Guide for TERA Console Players

Getting Started

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What is TERA - Just getting started? Here are some things you should know.



The following classes will be available at launch:

Gunners, ninjas, and valkyries will be available in future updates.

You can read in-depth about TERA's classes on our classes overview page.


Information about each race can be found here.


Not sure where to go? Look for the closest red “!” or “*” symbols on your map. These are the main Story Quests that will progress you through the entire game. The yellow quests are side stories that give out XP, and can be enabled in the Options menu.


On PVP65 servers, the Outlaw quest unlocks at level 65, sending you to Allemantheia to speak with Kareras. After speaking with Kareras (located near the Pegasus platform), speak to Erigar in the shopping district. When you’re done with the quest, you’ll receive a skill manual for Outlaw Declaration. Use this new skill to mark yourself as ready for PvP.

Increase your gear level

You should always be equipping newer, more powerful gear to face TERA’s evolving challenges. Around level 12 - 15, you’ll get relic pieces to assemble Avatar weapons. Avatar weapons are not only enchantable, but deal increased damage to level-appropriate foes. As you move into new and higher level areas, you’ll find pieces of your next

Avatar weapon

You can also get better gear by completing story quests, dungeons, and with tokens earned from Vanguard Requests.


Changing Channels

If you are on a highly populated channel, you may experience some lag in major cities or difficulties completing quests that depend on monster spawns. Good news, you can change Channels!

  • On PS4: Press “OPTIONS” on the controller, then TRIANGLE to select a new channel.
  • On XB1: Press “Start Button” on the controller, then Y to select a new channel.

Enchanting Gear

Some gear (like the Avatar weapons as described above) has additional stat lines with numbers like +3, +6, and +9. These items’ overall performance is improved by enchanting them with available feedstock and alkahest. While hovering over enchantable gear, press the Menu button (either Triangle on your PS4 controller, or Y on your Xbox controller) to open additional options, then press down on the D-pad to select Enchant. In the enchanting menu, you’ll select feedstock and alkahest from inventory. Once both are selected, you can attempt either a single enchant, or select Auto-Enchant to use all available resources until your item is at maximum power.

Use Glyphs to enhance your skills

At level 20, you can enhance your skills by applying glyphs. You have a limited number of glyph points to start with, so choose the skills you use most and the glyphs which best fit your playstyle. As you level, you’ll earn points and unlock more glyphs.

Group Communication

You have quite a few options for communicating with other players in-game. You can use in-game voice chat, your console’s (PS4/Xbox) Party Chat, or the in-game chat window (with a controller chatpad).

Group Looting Options

By default, loot options are set to Round-Robin, meaning no matter who loots an item, each player gets an item in turn until all drops are picked up. You may also select Free-For-All looting, or restrict class-specific items to characters that can use them.

Chat Channels

By default, all players can see the following chat channels : /say , /area , and /global . To use Area or Global Chat, your character must be level 10 or higher. Additional Chat Channels will become available when appropriate, including : /party , /guild , /raid

Obtaining Mounts from the TERA Store

Is the Bay Gelding mount you received from the “For The Federation” Story Quest just not enough for you? You can find more mounts in the TERA Store, and purchase them with EMP. After completing a purchase, return to the Title Screen, then log back into your character. Your new mount’s skill manual will be in Item Claim. After obtaining the manual from Item Claim, the manual will be delivered to the “Misc” Inventory Tab. Select it and press X (PS4) or A (Xbox) to consume the manual and bind the mount to your character. Then, press Square (PS4) or B (Xbox) to go back, and navigate to the Skill Menu. Use R1 (PS4) or Right Bumper (Xbox) to switch to the Riding tab. You should see your new mount displayed in this list and can assign it to your Skill Tray by pressing in on R3 (PS4) or Right Thumb Stick (Xbox).

Using Strongbox Keys

You’ll occasionally see locked strongboxes drop from defeated monsters. Strongboxes contain an assortment of materials and other rewards, and can only be opened by a strongbox key. Strongbox keys are rare drops, and are also available in the TERA Store. To use a key, select it in inventory, then apply it to one of your strongboxes.

Stay Connected

You can get the latest TERA updates and stay connected to the En Masse team via the following methods:

  • Discord - Join the conversation with other players and EME
  • TERA Forums - See what people are talking about on the forums!
  • Twitter - For the latest updates and news
  • EME Support - Got a problem? Submit a ticket and we’ll help you out!


For a quick look at answers to your most asked questions, take a look at the FAQ.

TERA is a stunning fantasy MMO that features fast-paced action combat; a vast, gorgeous world; and highly customizable characters. Best of all, TERA is FREE to play!