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A peaceful and noble race, barakas are nonetheless ferocious in defense of the weak. They are descended from giants, though they have rejected the giants' lust for conquest. Their imposing presence conceals the true strength of their minds; baraka are giants in intellect as well as physicality.

A Home Lost to Time

The baraka city of Highwatch was cut off from the rest of the world for centuries, and holds priceless relics and knowledge from the past.

Can't Stop a Landslide

Baraka have increased resistance to stuns.

A History of Non-Violence

The barakas of Highwatch dealt the cruelest possible blow to the Archdevan Empire—they ignored it for centuries, while at the same time helping the Khirians in any way they could.

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The giants used their immense power to conquer the world. The baraka clan, though, went their own way and walked a more peaceful path in the pursuit of knowledge. When the gods punished the giants for their ambitions with total annihilation on the Day of Fire, they spared the barakas. Since that time, they've been welcome guests in the lands of many other races. The amani have traditionally kept their distance from the barakas because of the unhappy history between amani and giants, but with the new spirit of friendship fostered by the federation, even those old wounds are beginning to heal.

Baraka Today

Barakas are at the forefront of federation exploratory missions. There's great need from the Island of Dawn to the argon front for their encyclopedic knowledge of the world’s history and cultures and their propensity for recording virtually everything, and as fighters, barakas are also second to none.

Capital City: None

The baraka original homeland was destroyed when the gods obliterated the giants and all their lands and cities sending many barakas to wander the lands, establish libraries on both continents, and engage in scholarly projects for the benefit of all. Meanwhile locked behind the storm barrier surrounding Northern Arun, a sect of barakas called the Seekers built Highwatch, a towering city overlooking the ruins of their first home, Ex Prima.

The Sanctuary of Illumination demonstrates Highwatch's dedication to the pursuit of knowledge, but the Seekers also keep a constant vigil against archdevas, their minions, and their spies.

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