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Known for their dark, wry humor and bold manner, castanics refuse to be chained to their dark past, and strive each day to forge a new future. Fierce and independent, castanics make superb allies...or deadly enemies.

Free Spirits

Castanic fashion reflects their temperaments with loose, flowing garments made for fast action.

Dirty Fighting

Castanics have a higher chance to crit when attacking from behind.

Light Landings

Castanics take 50% less damage from falling.

Signature Class: Valkyrie

Clan Castanic has been secretly protected by the matriarchal order of valkyries for generations, handing down their combat techniques and weapons to only the most worthy of female warriors.

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After Tithus sealed away Zuras in the war against the giants, Balder asked his brother Lok to look after her creations the devas. Some, however, were seduced by Lakan's promises of power, and followed the evil god into Northern Arun to found the Archdevan Empire.

Clan Castanic served Lok for many years, until they were tricked into creating an artifact which caused Balder’s death. Today, most castanics spurn the gods entirely, believing them not to be worth the trouble they cause and viewing those who depend upon the gods to be too cowardly to seize their own destiny.

Castanics Today

A fiery-tempered race, castanics occupy an uneasy niche in the Valkyon Federation. Castanics in the federation are willing to work together for the common good, but only so far as the common good doesn't take too long or come at too high a price. If a council decision goes against the wishes of the matriarchs, a "rogue" castanic faction will often arise to serve the clan's interests.

Capital City: Castanica

Hidden away in a vale on the east coast of Southern Arun, the dark heart of Clan Castanic crackles with energy. Much like its thorny, dark architecture and its oft-misunderstood inhabitants, a harsh beauty lurks beneath the surface of the city known affectionately by the castanics as the Shrouded Rose.

Castanic Castanic
Castanic Wallpaper
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