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Cursed by their creator to wander without a homeland, humans turned adversity to advantage during their long exile by studying the culture and crafts of other races. They forged their own destiny, created the Valkyon Federation, and today are admired and respected by all.

Every Hand A Hero

Humans dominate the political landscape of the federation, and are always willing to fight for the causes of others.

Velik's Horn

The adopted children of the goddess of the hunt have a special connection with their patron, and can teleport home to Velika once an hour

Political Infighting

Humans are adept at all kinds of warfare, and take less damage in PvP when low on health.

Signature Class: Brawler

Inspired by the reluctant hero Marda, women around the world stand ready to fight—and protect—others with their powerfists.

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The god Gidd created humans, but turned his back on them when they petitioned him for a homeland. When the first humans conspired to steal Gidd's priceless treasures, he cursed them to wander forever.

As the Divine War drew to a close, Velik, goddess of the hunt, took pity on the humans and granted them the homeland they’d long been denied. Their capital today is the beautiful city of wheels they built together.

Humans Today

Humans today are at the forefront of a powerful military coalition and political movement—the Valkyon Federation. Joined with other races eager to put the divisions of the past behind them, humans are the dreamers who make this unique experiment in peace possible.

Capital City: Velika

The City of Wheels. The City of Falcons. Velik's Dream. The magnificent human capital is known by many names. It is the political and cultural center of life in Southern Arun—a vital and forward-looking city, despite the hardships of war. Velik's wheel turns ceaselessly at its center, providing magical energy to power the city's workshops and factories.

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