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Nature spirits awakened by the elins, a popori's diminutive stature and fuzzy appearance belie their instinctive ferocity in battle. They may walk upright, but their emotions and instincts are closer to the animals they once were. Confident and unashamed, poporis rarely feel guilt, embarrassment, or sadness.

Old Friends

A human-popori alliance was the precursor to the Valkyon Federation.

Tales of Tails

Poporis aren't just awakened animals. During their creation, a popori chooses features that reflect their own unique character!

Where Do They Put It All?

A popori's favorite things to do are fight and eat—and not in that order!

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The Amanic War created deep scars on the continent of Arun. Elinu—the youngest goddess-daughter of the titan Arun—wept for her father's pain and determined to protect him. From her own divine essence, she created the elins. When the task proved too much for the elins alone, they in turn awakened animals to create the poporis. Together, they have worked to repair, protect, and preserve the world they live in.

Poporis Today

Recognizing the argons for the terrible threat they are to all of nature, the poporis are willing and zealous allies of the Valkyon Federation. For as long as the federation's aims and goals serve nature, Arun, and the memory of Elinu, the poporis will fight with the federation to protect the things they love above all else.

Capital City: Pora Elinu

The popori and elin nations share a capital city in an enormous tree growing in the middle of a sacred lake near Elinu's final resting place. The lake lies deep in a softly glowing forest that is eternally lit by stars not seen in other realms, where Balder's eyes light up the sky.

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