New Battleground: Corsairs’ Stronghold


Avast ye, scurvy dawgs! TERA for PlayStation®4 and Xbox One presents Corsairs’ Stronghold—available now!

Corsairs’ Stronghold is a battleground for Level 65 players built to host massive 20-on-20 combats, as two teams strive to either defend the mystic Anchorstone—or destroy it.

Players can queue either solo, or as a 20-player “raid” group. Your group will be randomly selected to attack or defend, and you’ll have a few minutes to customize your equalized gear and discuss strategies. Then it’s just a question of setting the fastest time for destroying the Anchorstone.

Want to know more? Check out our introductory video on just how Corsairs’ Stronghold works:

Scale the walls! Smash the gates! Board the airships! Fire the cannons!

And have fun storming the castle!

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